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  1. Error kept on displaying. Couldn't proceed forward due to recurring error I just gave up
  2. @Skiiwee29i get this error message. then when i dismiss the error message and procced to install the .NET framework it just stays there not doing anything. should i just dl and install Microsoft version?
  3. thank you for this. will update the thread after i install this
  4. No i have not installed this yet, where can i find this? i tried searching online and there are no installers to be found Sorry for not replying faster.
  5. Hi, it's been a long time since epicgames launcher has been reportedly using abnormal amounts of CPU usage. They said the have issued a quick fix for this, but i am still getting spikes from 45-85% CPU usage for just opening the launcher. Have you guys fix yours? NOTE: launcher is up to date, tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Photo below to see abnormal usage compared to other game launchers
  6. Hi, i'm trying to make my own usb killer from scratch. For research purposes Thinking of buying the electronics used instead of destroying things(cause i have no things) Thank you!!!
  7. You can watch this youtube video as a reference on how to copy your WINDOWS install to a new storage drive. i have done this with my sata ssd to nvme and it worked with no problems. GLHF
  8. Good day, i have a problem that i can't identify and solve by myself. Windows build 19041.508 My Windows Security setting shows that the Virus and threat protection setting/tab says "no action needed" (screensnip A), but when i click manage settings all the toggle buttons are disabled and off(screensnip B) What and how can i do to fix this windows issue? Thank you! Note: i have no anti-virus software installed
  9. it has casting from android to TV but not windows to TV I'll just say, my country will mark-this-thing-up like hell. RTX 3070 was mark-up to 45% ugh
  10. Maybe that's it. but the TV does not support any casting from windows
  11. Not sure tbh. As long as i can cast my windows media to the TV Can't return the tv. In my country the word "REFUND" and "EXCHANGE" does not exist.