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    Asus Maximus Hero VIII
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    8 Gbs 3866Mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum
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    GTX 980 EVGA SC ACX 2.0
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  1. My mom started doing fairy gardens as a hobby and that got me thinking with RGB going crazy what if LTT did a custom build around that theme? you could light up their little houses and shit it'd be pretty lit.. I'd do one my self but i am more broke than a bum trying to mine hobocoin with a dell hoboplex
  2. To freaking out about lower RAM and GPU prices!! Freaking stoked!! 1080 Ti come to me
  3. Take this tech and game with it for it is my blood which has been poured to forgive apples sins
  4. At the time of the post i thought that my xbox ping should be the same as my pc and my phone. I didnt think xbox would have a higher ping so i thought i was doing something wrong or their was an actual problem with the isp
  5. Who said i was trying to duke you?
  6. Im sure most of us have seen this but why is it not a meme??
  7. Maybe im over reacting i was hoping to get it down to my pcs ping which is 19-22 but maybe server location has something to do with it?
  8. Does anybody have any tricks to fixing this? I have my xbox hardwired QoS enabled on my netgear nighthawk ac1900 (R7000) XTreme is my isp and i can not get the latency down to 19-22ms like my pc is. Its infuriating!!
  9. If you go into your task manager you can see what applications are using how much ram can you post a screen shot of that?
  10. Currently I have a z170 maximus hero with an i7 7700k with 8gb corsair dominator platinum 3866 mhz with a liquid coolong loop from xspc and i am amazed how well it performs spectacularly but i guess im not seeing any really performance benefits with the extra 70+ dollar price tag for the maximus
  11. Im having trouble deciding between the two mobos does anyone have any pro tips to help decide? Im using the pc for gaming the plan is i7 8700k 16gbs of corsair dominator platinum 3200 Asus gtx 1080 ti posieden 1000 corsair psu And a custom liquid cooling loop with a single 3x120 rad and cpu block from xspc Western digital m.2 and black hdd But which mobo is more suited for 4k gaming and light content creation??
  12. Do you think linus would do a weekly video just rating builds like make a thread people post their builds and linus review them what he thinks of the combos and such? would that even be watch worthy?