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  1. Im an executive for a hosting company so I have many vps and dedicated servers for really cheap
  2. Oh I know I own 3 of them one just a pc back up server
  3. Perma ddos so you can never use it again? JKJKJK
  4. That would require knowledge of the script being their
  5. I see what you mean but i'm still learning how to script and code but thanks for the feedback
  6. I mean as i said before I could make it better in a different language but again this was just for the challenge
  7. I mean I understand why but I mean your can read the source code nothing is going to mess with your computer i'm learning how to program not make virus.
  8. I have had 0 problems with it and have been using it for weeks + it was just for the under 100 lines challenge so I could use a different language and make it better.
  9. Hi! I have created a script for windows to add a little more security to your computer! This script force closes explorer.exe and then pops up a cmd window asking for a username and password. Now your thinking. Can I just task manager start a cmd window and type start explorer.exe? No in the background the script constantly closes the task manager process. Now how does this add security? Well simply open your run box after downloading the script (Windows key + r) and type shell:startup simply place a COPY of lock.bat and then leave the original files somewhere on your pc. Now