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  1. I am also having this problem but the computer name changes from time to time. It does not show up in my router IP tables or Connected MAC addresses. My different computers are also showing different names all from amazon. Is there a way to find out what these are and if than can be blocked from the network?
  2. Well good news is that the BIOS updates have allowed me to upgrade my desktop RAM from 16GB to 32GB. Only if MB manufacturers can update the RAM compatibility lists when they update the BIOS for RAM compatibility.
  3. My question is why? What are you doing that needs that many nvme drives?
  4. I went a head with buying this set which will work in the Asrock Fatal1ty, but I don't think I will need 32GB for unRAID and 1 windows VM as I am currently running with 16GB. So I am going to try and see if it will work in my Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero even though the compatibility chart for that mother board says it wont work with 4 sticks. I think a BOIS update improved compatibility but didn't update the chart. If it works I can get 32GB in my desktop as I use some memory intensive programs. I can then move the memory that is in my desktop to the server which is on the compatibility cha
  5. I am building a new unRAID server with a threadripper on a asrock Fatal1ty MB http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming/index.asp#Memory and looking at the memory compatibility list if I am looking at a dual stick kit the list states that it is only compatible with 2 sticks so I am unsure if I buy 2 packs if they will work (I plan on buying 2 now and 2 later if I need it.) If I look at a quad stick kit it will tell me that 2 or 4 sticks will work. Is there a way to tell if the quad kit is running the same sticks as a dual kit?
  6. Thanks but I still want to not have a pin because I have a strong password and don't need an easier login experience.
  7. Is there a way to disable the prompt to logon with a pin or windows hello? I have tries changing the registry and the group policy editor but neither worked. Every time I login I get a prompt to set up windows hello and a pin. I want to use only a password.
  8. can't my wife uses it for the occasional game
  9. But what do you get now? I have tried a few tutorials that I have found including overclocking, using older drivers, and other tweeks. But I am only able to get ~7MH/s and from what I have been reading on the internet as of the last month or so the DAG size is too big for a 970.
  10. I have a spare gtx 970 after I upgraded to a 1070 and wanted to do some mining with it but ethereum's DAG size is too large for the 970 now. Any recomendations on what currency to go to?
  11. @GoodBytes Hibernate was disabled in the advanced options. @wkdpaul As far as I can tell there is no schedule tasks causing it. @MikeSK I gave the regedit a try and set my unattended sleep timeout to 0 and I will see if that fixes it in the morning. The only other thing I can possible think it might be is if there is some BIOS setting that can be causing this. Thanks.
  12. I can not seem to get my windows 10 desktop to not got to sleep. It goes to sleep about every 3 hours. I have everything in the power and sleep setting set to never even in the advanced settings. I am trying to mine with this PC and it is very annoying that I have to keep waking it up. This problem has been happening before I started mining yesterday so that is not the issue. I have a Asus Crosshair hero VI with a Ryzen 1700x.
  13. I did some more searching and I think what I am trying to accomplish is called WISP (Wireless ISP) I think Openwrt and dd-wrt may support this but I will have to do some more reading.
  14. A mesh WiFi is not what I need. I need a router that instead of the wired WAN port it would connect to a WiFi network as the WAN then repeat the signal to my devices. I still need this to act as a normal router with firewall instead of a wireless repeater.