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    Ryzen 1800X @ 4.0ghz
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    Asus Prime Pro X270
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    32GB Gskill 3200Mhz
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    1080TI FTW 3

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  1. Hi guys- i had to fix my pc so I did a fresh install of windows and now paying the classic price of reinstalling everything- When I plugged my headphones into my case, obviously since there isn't an audio driver installed I heard nothing--- which is the least bloatware-y/ best audio driver to install? I know NVIDIA has one for geforce(I think?) and ASIO and Realtek are seemingly the norm- but figured i'd ask here first.
  2. Oh. Okay then. Lol. What does HWinfo do? Does CPU-Z show GPU temps as well? I kinda want a one-does-it-all app because i've heard some people say NZXT's CAM is total bloatware and inaccurate too.
  3. Hey guys- so I'm trying to get my 1800X to a stable 4.0ghz and I figured Ryzen Master was easier than messing around in BIOS, and currently when I pull the app up it claims i'm running at 4.0ghz with a voltage of 1.381, but when I go into task manager its hovering around 3.7-3.9 and the base clock in task manager says 3.85. If I go into my BIOS, will it read the same clock and voltage that ryzen master does? Bit confused. Thanks!
  4. Went full mad-lad, y'lall. Fresh install of windows, nuked everything except for my personal files. Cautiously optimistic as it seems to be fine now. Hoping it was something software related! Cleanse feels good. Appreciate y'alls help!
  5. hm. that really sounds like my issue, tbh. Unfortunately Ryzen 1800X doesnt have integrated graphics :(((
  6. I really wouldn't doubt it. I don't know enough about the individual components relating to my very specific issue enough to narrow it down. I live in boston so I was thinking about taking it to the cambridge microcenter. It could very well be the mobo. sigh
  7. So frustrating, dude, been wanting to KMS since a year ago since this started happening and no one has been able to help online due to the issue being so inconsistant. The only part I was gonna keep for the new system would be my 1080TI, im hesitant to sell anything since I don't know what goddamn component (if any) is dead. help me, linus
  8. I really don't see a pressable button/a circular pin like that schematic- but I removed the CMOS battery and plopped it back in- went into BIOS again, it didn't look like much had changed- booted and got the BSOD again.
  9. How does one do that? is resetting the cmos just taking out that tiny circular battery in the mobo? I have the Asus X370 Prime Pro
  10. I have a 3TB Seagate Barracude HDD in there, but it's merely used as a bulk storage drive and it shows up in the BIOS..I can't imagine that it's affecting anything, right? The freezing lockup/BSOD is the main issue
  11. Would need to go buy one as I only have the one...would that explain the freezing though? The system boots extremely fast and the boot drive is a samsung 960 nVME, I would hate to believe thats the failure point. So frustrating not knowing which component is causing this. It also blue screens about 4/10 times, the other 6/10 being boots, but then freezes when i start to move mouse on desktop.