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    Adobe Guru


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    Xeon X5650 OC'd to 4Ghz
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    16GB DDR3 900MHz
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    R9 290 Vapor X 4GB
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    Define R4
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    Corsair Bronze 850W
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    32" & Apple Cinema Display
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    Dual On Board & Creative RX
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    W10 Pro

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  1. yeah as @Almostbauws says its all about RAM SPEED with eth. I have an R9 290x with its 512bit memory bus and clocked up to 1800MHz on the ram i get some pretty decent results for an old card (28Mh/s)
  2. remove you current ram, replace only with new ram... does it boot? - This is to see if your new ram is ok or not, if not your new rams needs to be RMA if its ok put you old ram in the spare sockets... does it boot? - if not your mobo prob has a problem with the extra ram sockets
  3. ok so what works for someone may not work for someone else Step 1 what clock speed to you want to achieve?
  4. do you see that leaving 10% - 11% resources (probably less cos your alt+tab out of the game) is really not enough for windows, discord and all that jazz to run off with out it impacting your games performance. why yours is like that and your friends isnt well thats a superb questions. you are definitely pushing your CPU extremely close to its performance limit maybe even exceeding it. Hope you get to the bottom of it sorry i couldn't help resolve this
  5. So yeah your temps seem fine but your usage is quite alarming at nearly 90% for BF1 so my thoughts are background apps and bloatware might be contributing more than 10% usage on your CPU at which point your frames will drop sharply as your CPU is run out of processing power. do you have like a billion icons in your systray?
  6. Personally i like OBS for streaming (use the GFXCards Hardware encoding)... 720p streaming should be fine on that rig but 1080p might be pushing it on some titles like PUBG, BF1 GTAV OH!!! Internet isa BIG part is her internet GOOD or a throw back from the 80's?
  7. i work in a Printers so our work load is similar to yours in design and the solution i like for moving and mirroring files around the place is https://www.retrospect.com/uk/products
  8. what settings are you trying to run PUBG on? its quite demanding
  9. its goring to be the way the programme is written more than changing priority in task manager. Folding at home will use ALL the power available. its open source so look at there code and see if you can utilise there ideas?
  10. this has been blown out of proportion by the media, for home use honestly i dont think you need to worry, i have an OLD chip and im just gonna take the gamble that ill be fine with out. Data centres and large commercial organisations yeah sure patch away
  11. space will be an issue, probably some small AiO like a Corsair H45 as you dont need a lot of height is it getting WAY too hot then?
  12. is it putting you in "local servers"? i live in europe and ive noticed A LOT of games are auto joining me in US-East servers and its just grose on ping and lag