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    United States
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    Gaming, anime, and technology.
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    Currently a college student in the USA.


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    Asrock b365 pro 4
  • RAM
    16gb of XPG @ 3000mhz (underclocked to 2666mhz)
  • GPU
    A used GTX 1080 FE
  • Case
    Rosewill Challenger
  • Storage
    970 evo 500gb as boot drive. 1tb intel 665p, 1tb WD blue, 2tb seagate barracuda, and 2tb Seagate Firecuda for storage.
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    750 watt antec psu, 80plus platinum.
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    Alienware 34 inch UW 120hz, LG 29 inch ultrawide
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    corsair A500
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    Razer blackwidow chroma
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    Razer Naga Trinity
  • Sound
    Audio technica m40x with some 2012 soundblaster pcie card. z906 speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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    Alienware 17 R3

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  1. Believe its the early 2005 one with upgraded ram, DP 2.7ghz, and a ati radeon 9650
  2. power mac g5, my bad forgot to clarify that!
  3. Anyone have any cool software recommendations for old IBM macs. I got my hands on an essentially new Imac g3, mac g5, and the IBM mac mini. I have some cd's but wanted to see what other people might have as well. Completely irrelevant systems but something about using something obscure and lost to time has my inner geek curious what the experience was like. I did read online that there were some emulators for these systems as well but every time I even found an official link to a download it was taken down or something. Thanks in advance for any recommendations if there are any out there who k
  4. EDIT It ended up just being a bad DP cable. Amazon sent a free replacement and it now works flawlessly.
  5. To give a little context i'm going to layout my setup. I am running a Alienware 17 R3 laptop, using their proprietary egpu box (pciex4) to connect to a Saphire R9 290x. I got a 25 inch Alienware AW2518HF monitor which is 240hz and freesync. Did a little research to learn my 290x could do this through a displayport 1.2 cable, So I bought the amazon basics displayport cable to achieve this. It runs fine for a little but will start tearing and occasionally the screen goes dark, comes back after a little then repeats. I'm on the 1/9/2020 radeon beta drivers where they said they fixed an issue with
  6. The bios does report 3000mhz and I do remember situations were supposedly trustworthy programs lied "COUGH RYZEN MASTER TOOL COUGH" so maybe its just a weird thing on my desktop (laptops with the latest update still mark their full speed but who knows). I'll just mark this as resolved since it doesnt seem to be affecting much speed wise. thank you for all the assistance guys!
  7. That is one thing i saw but it also used to say in the windows control panel that it was running at 3000mhz and now is saying 1500mhz. Is that something from a recent update?
  8. So i'm running a ryzen 1700x on a asrock x370 pro4 motherboard and wanted to go back to my old stable overclock since i started high refresh rate gaming again. But when I pushed my overclock and went into control panel and cpuz, it now states that my previously 3000mhz ram is only running at 1500mhz. I tried swapping settings back and forth and changing profiles but no matter what now the ram is always half the speed i set it to. Googling the issue is still flooded with ryzen ram compatibility videos so I thought it best to come here. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Yea im laughing at how that was. the RAM's running at advertised speeds now as well and thinking on it that should have marked more red flags for me XD. Thanks again and hopefully this does help someone else out there!
  10. I did have the NVMe driver from them as it was the only way it would let me get windows on it but the issue has been resolved. That tidbit on ram was it as after i swapped the ports to A2/B2 vs A1/B1 and the numbers are already way better! Thank you so much for your help!
  11. The latest bios did not change anything for me so im going to try just swapping my RAM slots. The memory does act kinda weird as it defaults to lower than advertised speeds despite what the XMP settings say its going to do.
  12. I dont believe my windows is bugged out as it works fine with everything else and the 860 evo scores as it should. The 970 evo is in the ultra m.2 slot as they were kind enough to label it for me. and im not sure how i would check for thermal throttling on that but would it be fine with certain tasks and horribly on others with a situation like that. just for measure i benchmarked the 860 evo and im certain that the 970 shouldn't be this far behind the 860 in random read/write when you compare the two.
  13. So i recently just built myself a new Ryzen pc and I did kinda cheap out on an Asrock x370 Pro4 motherboard as i wanted two m.2 ports without breaking the bank. I got a 970 evo cheap enough and I couldnt install windows on it at all when i first launched up the computer despite the fact that it appeared in the bios as an option. It would do the installation slower than anything I have seen before and fail no matter what. I then used an 860 evo just to get through this phase and tried cloning to reach a failure after 7 seconds using the samsung cloning software. Later after download the NVMe fi
  14. To answer your overclocking question, look up safe thermals for your cpu and then use a cpu intensive test (usually benchmark tools) to see how hot yours gets. If your thermals are lower than what is considered a limit on safe than you can try increasing the speeds and see what works best. There is a lot more that goes into the whole process but this should at least give you a basic outline of it.
  15. So I have several laptops and recently bought a GPD Win and put my windows account on all of them. Normally I use Onedrive to have a wallpapers folder which can rotate my backgrounds. But since the GPD Win is trying to muster as much performance as it can for games I have most features turned off on it and now its defaulting that to most of my other devices which I would prefer not to happen. This also includes various other display options and settings. I know the simple solution would be to sign out of my Microsoft account but I am wondering if there is another way so I can make use of some