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  1. I have recently only noticed that my memory according to cpuid on my RTX 2080ti runs at 90 to 100 degrees. Why is it so hot? Card runs fine and has no issues and I can make it drop to 85 if I bump fan speed up. But hitting 100 degrees is crazy no? GPU runs at 75 max
  2. Ok cool thank you for the in depth response
  3. So I used NVENC with my old 1080TI Strix, on the one system back before I got the streaming PC it was fine until I played a very Vram heavy game such as Warzone or Battlfield the stream would lose alot of Frames. Mostly because of the downsample from 1440p high refresh to stream 936P 60 fps. Hense why I built the stream PC which I also used NVENC on. Would my 2080TI Trio do a better job you think?
  4. So I have saved my pennies for an upgrade and I need some advice. My options are because of stock reasons a 3900x , 3900xt or a 5800x No 5900x in-stock. I will be upgrading from a 7700k. Also has 16 gig gskill ram 3200mhz 2080TI trio x MSI What I need from my system is gaming at 1440p 145hz And streaming at 936p 60fps. My goal is to remove the stream PC which is a 6700k system. I am leaning towards getting the 5800x and maybe using my 7700k as the encoder on streaming PC. As the performance on a 5800x is far b
  5. Need Help. My mate bought a pre built water looped PC. I have barely ever worked with water loops. His pump was making a crazy sound and I noticed it was running dry. I tipped pc to allow water back into pump and got it flowing again. I notcied his res is looking low. This build looks compact and i cant figure out the best way to top up res and wanted to ask how would the pros go about this?
  6. Hello. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as a D RGB module for this as my mother board isnt compatible. I have a Asrock z270 fatality. I need to plug the LED fans into somthing to make the LEDs work as they dont just work of the fan headers.
  7. After watching the video on YouTube on covid 19 machine linus put together I decided to help using my main rig and streaming pc. Both on team Linus. Lets beat this thing.
  8. @LoGiCalDrm Figured it out. My 1080p Cam was chewing heaps of the resources bumped it down to 720p helped heaps now run it at 480P Frame rate Increased 10 fold now using NVENC (new) through the 1080TI.
  9. Bah i was wrong there is heaps of tearing even at 720p 60fps.... i just cannot win this fight. High refresh and streaming is a pain in the ass.
  10. So I am going to be honest here, I have done quicksync via the NDI plugin but never every thought to enable 7700ks gpu for this and embarrassed it never crossed my mind, Just ran the stream using it and bam can at least do 1600x900 at 60 fps. Thank you good sir this will do me until I can afford that damn 4k capture card.
  11. Yeh Tested for months on end, My goal is for a quality looking stream with what I have, Using main rig drops fps big time in games like PUBG and Battlefield. 1440p at high refresh rates is already taxing as soon as I stream on main rig I lose about 20-30 FPS. I have tested both cards in streaming PC now and I find the 980 is pushing a little bit more FPS wise for the viewers which is what I want. Im Saving for a 4k Capture card as Ive now been told this is a good solution to have a quality stream for My type of monitor. My only set back is the streaming PC has no PCI slot so I need
  12. So my setup for streaming is Main rig: CPU:I7 7700k Ram: 32 Gig Hyper X GPU : 1080 Ti Strix Monitor : 1400p 165hz Streaming PC CPU : I5 4670k Ram : 8 Gig Hyper X GPU is 2 choices hense the question atm. GTX 1050 or GTX 980 My question is what would you guys do in my situation? I use a NDI Plugin on OBS as I Cannot afford a capture card and my streaming PC also used Mini ITX Mobo and case and hasnt got the PCI slot for Capture Card. Trying to find a smooth solution for now with my current setup as funds are low. Do I use the GTX 980 for NVEC (New
  13. Why? Because I still lose alot of FPS when using NVENC or Software on the main rig, I have phased out the capture card as it is pointless and no difference to NDI plugin. I have tried everything under the sun to make this work and Im completely stumped.
  14. Ok so this is a big an issue I cannot get a straight answer for. Streaming with a High refresh rate monitor. First things first my specs are: Main Rig I7 7700k 32 gig ram 1080ti 1440P 165 hz Screen Stream PC i5 2500k 8 gig ram GTX 660 Using OBS Studio with NDI Plugin. Im using very fast networking as well. My issue is, When streaming at 60 or even 30 FPS the stream cannot seem to keep up with the high refresh rate of my game. I have tried everything from capture cards to using higher tier stre
  15. Aww man that sucks. Most of my viewers are Aussie mates who have 8mbps if there lucky.
  16. Seems im able to do 2600 bit rate 720p at 60 fps. Viewing it on my own PC doesnt buffer at all even at 1080p but phone on 4g or other people say its un watchable unless I use 720 60fps 2600bit. Im just going to have to suck it up and accept thats my quality.
  17. Australia Sydney as its the only one I get a decent connection to.
  18. Hello all, I have been trying to get into twitch since my interwebs was upgraded. My question is why am I only able to stream at 720p 1800 bitrate at 30 fps when my PC is more then capable of doing the encoding via cpu or gpu. Internet speed is Download Upload 93.11 Mbps 37.29 Mbps I have played with so many settings and still have users saying its buffering on there end. I am at a loss is there something I am missing? Using OBS Studio as well.
  19. The Pillar is brand spankers I think the old stuff is under the Brown telecom plates to the left of the 2nd pic
  20. Oh and this is across from my house on the same street. What ever it is, I think the green cable is the Fiber.
  21. Hey guys so I am annoyed like the rest of Australia about fibre to copper but also excited as they at least putting in my street as we speak. I have been reading about FTTN gets better the closer you are to the node, So I went for a walk and found one about 80 meters from my house. My question is do you think this pillar is connected to my copper infrastructure being that it is across the road? First pic is the Pillar to the Node, The node that containt the fibre is about 30 meters away from pillar. Second pic is Pillar to My house. My house is next to the whi
  22. Glaith

    WTF is Xsolla

    Its all good I worked it out haha, Im freaking out because i managed to sub to some with a mysterious 5 dollars.
  23. Glaith

    WTF is Xsolla

    So i started trying twitch and setting up paypal etc. For some reason I got 5 bucks from a company called Xsolla does anyone know why?
  24. Are we all just ignoring the fact he used Semen as Thermal compound?
  25. With office 365 professional it comes with an online exchange meaning i do not need a physical one in a rack.