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  1. A month ago, That function disappeared with his most of old videos and new ones. Now it came back, Probably bug
  2. For non English speakers which holds a good part of your audience. Please bring back auto caption and auto translate with it
  3. Ok. Yeah I can reach up to 60 fps on Ultra at normal day in winter. It's just stutters, I'm satisfied because I mostly use it for programming, Learning. Don't play Apex so I'm ok. Trying this thanks to you and SkilledRebuilds
  4. Thanks for reply. I don't want higher fps. I just don't want stutters. It just stops suddenly, I've seen benchmarks and 1050 ti can easily pull 60 fps at high. I was confused if it was my CPU or RAM as I will need new motherboard for new CPU. So, getting same RAM
  5. Thanks. I was thinking same as neither I can afford a rx 580 / gtx 1650 super / Ryzen 5 3600 ($350 in India) for single game. I'm fine with even 45 fps just stutters were big problem and Input lag. I can upgrade ram much easily. Thanks again to everyone for answers
  6. I want to run forza horizon 4 smoothly without stutters. I'm confused what should I upgrade my CPU or RAM. I cannot change my motherboard right now, So I'm thinking for old used i5 6400. I get stutters even after going upto 35fps. My GPU can do 60 easily at medium settings. My specs: CPU: i3 6100 RAM: 1 x 8gb ddr4 @ 2133 mhz GPU: gtx 1050 ti Motherboard: Asus H110m - cs
  7. Can anyone suggest a fragmentation software which will put all large files (*.rpf) of GTA 5 game in near-by sectors to access it faster. As this game takes much time to load. Pl suggest me software, Don't reply by "Just get an SSD". I have SSD, But, It hasn't enough storage to hold large games, That's why I keep them in my HDDs