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    dhannemon13 reacted to Bombastinator in What things that I can do on an iPhone 6s?   
    Instagram is internet.  Can’t be used for that after security updates stop.  Has to be totally offline.  Good as maybe some sort of remote control with tweaking, or a stand in for an ardueno or something.  When security updates end it no longer has defense against malware.  The only solution is air gap. 
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Borgus Bohr in LTT mouse matt is better looking upside down   
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Can I use a separate PSU for RTX 3090?   
    Yes, you can.
    Beware. Do it at your own risk.
    Just jumper the green cable (PS_ON) and one of the ground cable (COM) on the main power ATX connector using some kind of short wire. Power on/plug in the PSU and it'll turn on. To turn off it, just unplug/switch off the PSU.
    Although I rather to change the PSU right out when it's there, make things simpler.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Vitamanic in Packet Loss On Network   
    Run a tracert to wherever you get packet loss and then run “ping -t” on each address starting from your home and work your way out until you see the packet loss.
    There’s no way for anyone to help you beyond that until they know if the packet loss is in your house, your local node/CO station or elsewhere.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Sir Asvald in Designing a network for 80+ users   
    VLANs are NECESSARY. What happens if someone accesses a certain server? if you're not going to implement VLANs, at least set up user permissions.. Users will do stupid things and they will NEVER own up to it. Leaving a network wide open is VERY dangerous, I don't understand why people insist on leaving networks vulnerable..
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    dhannemon13 reacted to LAwLz in Designing a network for 80+ users   
    There are no (1U) switches with 80 ports. You're going to need two. 
    But you have not given us nearly enough info to provide you with an answer. The questions asked above were good but we are still missing a ton of info like:
    1) What other equipment is in the network? This is relevant to keep management simple (you want uniformity) and to make sure you can actually connect the new switches in a decent way. You can't cram 80 gigabit ports through a single gigabit port and think it will work well. 
    2) How much traffic do you actually expect the computers to send/receive?
    3) Between what computers will the traffic flow? In other words, where is the server located where these 80 computers will pull/push data and how much can that handle?
    You can't really just buy a bunch of switches and plug them in however you want because you might end up with one or more bottlenecks.
    Luckily you have only asked for gigabit connections from the switch to the clients and you will have a hard time finding anything but gigabit switches these days (unless you're buying cheap secondhand stuff), but even if we recommend you some different switch models you might not get the expected performance depending on how you plug them in.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from LAwLz in Designing a network for 80+ users   
    You need to be way more specific than "I want the best performance". And you won't find any switch more than 48-ports.
    What's the usage on your office? What's the internet speed provided by the ISP? Do VLAN would be necessary? Is there would be any 'policies' on the network itself? *eg. internet speed limit per user, etc Will there would be any wireless network connected? If the usage are just as simple as 'plug-and-play', two 48-port managed switch with LACP link-aggregation would just the job fine.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Sir Asvald in Designing a network for 80+ users   
    What do you mean by "best performance"?
    Sorry to be blunt. but what you're asking you don't know what you're looking for.  It is better to get an IT consultant and talk to them and to tell them what you need. Designing a network is no easy task and I will list the reasons:
    You need to sure on what your requirements are, it can get really complicated and messy. Maintaining the equipment, keeping them up to date. Security, as in physical access to the network room. What security measures are you going to take? Ethernet cable to the correct locations, takes a long to time to cut, splice and making sure that they work. Network security, keeping out users from unauthorised access such as VLANs and ACLs.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Vishera in Heating Drinks on Microwave   
    I finally found one ceramic mug on the office that's actually usable for microwave-use (it got the "microwave-safe" text). Perhaps I'd get my favorite coffee starting tomorrow.
    Thanks for the spoon warning, duly noted.
    Aaaand such thing kind of scary indeed. Thanks for the paint-on-the-mug insight.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from GhostRoadieBL in Heating Drinks on Microwave   
    I finally found one ceramic mug on the office that's actually usable for microwave-use (it got the "microwave-safe" text). Perhaps I'd get my favorite coffee starting tomorrow.
    Thanks for the spoon warning, duly noted.
    Aaaand such thing kind of scary indeed. Thanks for the paint-on-the-mug insight.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Vishera in Heating Drinks on Microwave   
    Ceramics on their own have no problems with micro-waves,
    The problem is the paint on them,any metallic paint can cause sparks and is a fire hazard in a micro-wave.
    And glass can shatter from the stress of the heat.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to GhostRoadieBL in Heating Drinks on Microwave   
    pyrex which will be marked with "pyrex made in England" or sometimes has an anchor etched in the glass is safe for the microwave.
    Your best option (and safest) is ceramic mugs, basically every mug which doesn't have a metal rim is microwave safe and you can get pretty much every size. 
    if you use a "normal" glass in the microwave you can crack the glass or worse case burst the glass because of how the microwave heats liquids compared to amorphous solids. (we can go into the molecule vibration heating from micro-wave energy but it's complicated and really unnecessary if you just don't put non-pyrex glass in the microwave) 
    also avoid putting cold spoons into liquids immediately after pulling the mug from the microwave, this can cause splash burns. Give the cup a few seconds outside the microwave before putting the spoon in so the mug and liquid normalize temperature. (microwaves can get liquid above the boiling point but until you agitate the liquid it won't appear to be boiling then boil all at once)
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    dhannemon13 reacted to bmx6454 in Changing my CPU and my motherboard on my computer   
    you might need to, i usually wait until after the hardware swap, and let windows do its thing. it usually cleans up everything, and then just install anything it didn't. it is usually recommended to do a clean windows install after major hardware changes. although it will usually be fine not to, be aware that issues may arise.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Prodigy_Smit in Rtx 3080 overkill?   
    The D15 is better than the u12s but for the 5600x the d15 would be complete and unnecessary overkill. Unless he is planning to overclock a decent amount a u12s will be more than enough.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Bombastinator in PC with secondhand components, or might just get the budget components?   
    On the subject of used vs new there is some variance.  There are some components that should not be bought used and this tends to show in their pricing.  PSUs and Storage are particularly iffy as they wear out and one doesn’t know how many “miles” are on them so to speak.  CPUs are usually good.  This shows in ther pricing though,  there is rarely a lot of markdown for a used cpu.  CPUs used to be more scary because there was the risk of buying one that had been burnt out by the previous owner.  This is somewhat less of a problem with newer chips though.  A cpu that has not been overclocked still has some additional value over one that has though. Motherboards can vary.  If they’re good they’re good, but they can be blown occasionally.  The big question with all used stuff is why is the owner selling?  There is always a reason. 
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Falkentyne in Longevity-Focused Thermal Paste for Laptop(s)   
    None of those.
    If you want the longest lasting thermal paste, use Thermalright TFX.  Several people have tested this on laptops with outstanding results long term.
    It can be difficult to spread, so just apply a line across the die (BGA CPU), or two long intersecting X's edge to edge (GPU or IHS covered CPU) and let it spread by pressure.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Cluff in Longevity-Focused Thermal Paste for Laptop(s)   
    You're welcome. And I don't think of getting too pricey paste would be worth anyway, no matter how expensive it is the laptop would just run like a stove, as, you know, how inefficient laptop coolers are. The MX-4 I bought is the 'cheapest' one (I bought the last year production batch, kind of 20% cheaper than the new productions one) that got the good reputation here. Heck, it claims to have 8 years shelf time so.. Why not.
    Rather to save it for the PC.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Cluff in Longevity-Focused Thermal Paste for Laptop(s)   
    That is some pretty good temps in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Cluff in Longevity-Focused Thermal Paste for Laptop(s)   
    I'd say it's good enough for me. Applied it months ago (forgot exactly when) and, kind of constantly running heavy loads (Dota 2 , RDR2 and GTA 5) and I actually never felt it throttling at all, except in some case of RDR2 which I kind of feel some drops (which is expected, laptop's under-powered for the game anyway). Usually idling around 37-42 degrees (on around 27-31 ambient, yeah it's hot af here).
    I'd say it's kind of better than the paste from the manufacturer before with few degree of difference.
    Actually using it on a 1500X and 1050Ti system (both re-pasted), I barely bother to check the temps (as it won't even touch 80 anyway, even I OC'ed it by +200 MHz, stock cooler) but it runs fine without any issues.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from LpoolTech in Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) 4GB RAM /64GB ROM: After a Year of Daily Drive Usage   
    Heck, I don't know what to do, so I figured why don't I review something on this. This is my really first try to review something so...
    Spec sheet here.
    Bought it on October 25, 2019, roughly at US$ 156.75 (IDR 2.200.000, with 14.035 IDR/USD). Source below.
    I bought it to replace my previous daily driver, an even cheaper (and a lot slower) Redmi 5A, was priced at just one million IDR (roughly 70.63 USD lol) because I'm desperate of a phone to use for college. It didn't do well for just 1.5 years of usage because, yeah, it's a really cheap budget phone, and you know the cheaper phone you get, it would be getting 'slow' faster, that I have to sell it to a friend that willingly to use it anyway for cheap. Heck, despite the lots of slowdowns and lags, it still fully functional nicely and even the battery's still good.
    Bought the Redmi Note 8 online, and to be honest I'm lucky af to get it on a flash sale (fun fact: I have the Redmi 5A on the same web's flash sale either years ago. How lucky am I.), with the normal price would be around USD 171 on October 2019, at least. Arrived just a day later. 
    I got the black variant one and inside the box, I get the phone itself, an USB A to Type-C cable and it's 5V/2A charger, SIM ejector, some papers that I wouldn't read anyway, and a kind-of-transparent black rubber silicon case that's actually a really nice soft case, even considering it a quality one, with "Designed by Xiaomi" emboss text on the bottom left side, and some kind of flip able 'plug' that close the Type-C port. I still use the soft case until I write this, somehow that 'plug' actually 'removed' itself because the rubber wears out with time, and I'm fine with it as it's ridiculous to see that cover anyway.
    The first time I handle the phone itself, indeed it felt just like it's brother the Redmi Note 7 (a cousin of mine have one), both on handling, weight, and screen, except for the notch (mine's slightly wider), I don't mind much of the notch somehow, but the "Redmi" brand on the bottom side of the bezel somehow kinds of bothering me on the first time. As like a new phone do, performance feels good, barely noticing any shutter and lags, especially when you actually upgraded from a 70 dollar phone. Fingerprint's good enough for me, despite got some around 0.3-0.5 sec delay on it. Battery life's good, and signal reception's somehow fine.
    The 1080p 19.5:9 ratio IPS screen, it's actually pretty good to see, at least on my budgetary eye, but got a problem that I'll state below. I prefer AMOLED somehow, as I used a Galaxy A8 2018 for a month and damn I kind of poisoned how good AMOLED is, and kind of sad to actually not take the Samsung's M30 because I thought the performance would be more needed. lol. I'd get an AMOLED for my next daily driver for sure.
    Speaker's normal, just like how budget phones are, wouldn't have the quality tho, as long as it's there and functional. As I said, I used a Galaxy A8 2018 for a month, and the speaker... Far. Really far quality, I really prefer the A8 if I have to. Audio output's kind of good at least for me (fyi I'm kind of audiophile on the budget, so I care of how the 3.5mm output sounds like), used Knowledge Zenith KZ-ED2 for daily use, changed to dbE DJ100 headphone (because one of the earphone's dead on the KZ) and still sounds good. The MIUI's Mi Sound Enhancer is the sugar of the cake somehow, it's why it sounds good.
    Camera? Can say it's kind of meh compared to Samsung's, but it's there. 4k 30fps is supported, despite you wouldn't use that much as it eats lots of memory anyway and I usually only use 1080p 60fps. Actually compared the 4k with my brother's Galaxy S9 (yeah he have the flagship while I got the budget phone since he saved lots more money than myself), yeah kind of difference it have some. The 13MP main shooter's kind of good somehow, the front selfie camera somehow kind of so-so, the another 3 cameras behind the phone.. I barely use it. For real, I kind of only use the phone just for standard daily-driving and I barely shoot pictures from it so.. I don't really compare the quality with others. I just use it and it's good for me. Main shooter's focus are kind of slow unfortunately.
    18W fast charge, even Xiaomi's not giving us a fast charger. Samsung's phone on the same price point limits it to 15W, unfortunately. I ended up getting a Aukey's Turbo Charger (details on my signature) so as sometimes time to charge's important on some case, and plus it's a better quality charger (heck, it doesn't even get warm at all while charging, even on fast charging). Yes, it charges kind of faster but I actually never paid attention how many minutes I actually saved. It kinds of warm while I fast-charge it, even worse when I turned on wireless tethering on it (which is normal obviously) since my whole family's using my tethering for internet, nearly 24/7 unfortunately as 4G router's kind of the same price with a cheap phone, so sometimes I have a fan laying around just to keep it cool while charging and tethering.
    This phone thermal's amazing. It BARELY runs hot like, at all, even on some gaming session for two hours. I played PUBG on extreme framerate yet at smooth quality (more fps's better for me), Mobile Legends with HFR off and medium quality, CoD, and most of it runs fine and.. Only warms the hand for a little. For real, it barely runs hot. Mobile Legends on HFR on would made the phone run hotter (but still good enough to not bother much) somehow. On standard usage, like social media or anything else, it doesn't even get warm at all.
    Battery? I charge my phone just once in a day while I'm using it normally without gaming, and when not downloading something over free wi-fi. In one case even I ever had 40% left when I left for college from 7AM to 6 PM. I usually charge when it reaches 50-60% tho to conserve the battery longevity. Sometimes twice if I have to tether at home again, especially after those times that I barely left home.
    Problems I faced so far Currenly at MIUI 11.0.7 Global. I only did factory reset the phone, once, because of a bug that actually lots of Android 9.0 have . I made a wallpaper but changed the color space on Photoshop other than sRGB, so, yeah, infinite loop from the main screen and can't do anything beside have to reset it (so you guys, check the wallpaper's color space before you apply it, because of the reset I kind of losing some of important college data, unfortunately I didn't backup those), and I look upon Reddit and XDA, turns out lots of devices had the same problem.
    I play Mobile Legends on the phone, even it's so barely that only once or twice every month, and it needs so long for months for the high-framerate mode (60fps) to arrive on the phone, probably nearly a year after I bought it. Not the phone's fault or even MIUI one, but duh 30fps on games hurts my eye.
    Screen retention. Yes. Kind of AMOLED's screen burn-in if you stay on one frame and don't move much for like 10-15 mins, but it's temporary and won't damage the screen so far I see. This actually kind of scared the sh** out of me when I firstly noticed it, yet turns out it would gone anyway. People said because this phone's using a not-good quality IPS panel or something like that. The fix so far I read is using the "Cool" color scheme on the phone settings, but I don't bother to change the scheme as the 'cooler' color kind of weird to see, especially when you do Netflix.
    Another when you'd know how MIUI using ads inside their own OS to gain revenue, you could disable it completely somehow, but it still kind of bothers me if Xiaomi actually do this approach, although I understand how Xiaomi have to make money either.
    Even from the first few weeks of usage until now, amount free RAM on this phone actually never exceeds 2.1 GB, at least of what I saw on the Recent App window. It made lot worse when I actually turned on Work Profile for the sake of my college using G-suite, since then my phone felt kind of more sluggish if I left the Work Profile on, but if I turned it off I can only do it on 'free times' when there's barely a job to do on college.
    I browse 9GAG, kind of occasionally, currently on app version 6.89.07. This app, unfortunately, just lags the hell lot after I browse inside it for around 10-15 mins, even dropping the free RAM to only 700 MB left. Simple fix are just quit the app, and reopen it again, but it bothers me that I have to do it every single time it lags. And, it runs warm too (the same kind of warm while I game) while it's not even bothering to get warm on browsing on another app (Vivaldi browser, Twitter, Instagram, etc), like, probably it's the app itself are not optimized nicely.
    Probably that's all what I can write for kind of 2 to 3 hours on my spare time somehow.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from ronfouchier in "Driverless" webcam   
    Any webcam you buy would be automatically detected without even bothering to install the driver. It's all plug and play.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from jaslion in "Driverless" webcam   
    Any webcam you buy would be automatically detected without even bothering to install the driver. It's all plug and play.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from WaggishOhio383 in "Driverless" webcam   
    Any webcam you buy would be automatically detected without even bothering to install the driver. It's all plug and play.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to aDoomGuy in Suggestion of my desktop screen?   
    Looks nice. Maybe I can humor you with my Rainmeter setup, Look to the left and bottom. Hard drive meters to the left display used and total space with each volumes respective bar and to the bottom right they display free space. If you see something you like I can tell you what skin it is (all I've downloaded).

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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Stahlmann in Is updating to newest version of Windows worth it by now?   
    Well, the new Edge's actually good somehow, thank god Chromium's actually in this world and it's open-source. Can't still use that tho since Vivaldi is still just suitable for me.
    Good idea, actually. Might try on such thing later.