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  1. How do I lower the RPM of a fan plugged into the pump header? It's an Industrial Noctua fan that's just running at 3000rpm by default, Christ it's irritating. I've been told you can configure an AIO/Pump Header into a normal Fan Header, or at least you can control the RPM through it since it's a 4 pin input. Question is how? I am using a Crosshair Hero IV AM4 Motherboard.
  2. Dust tends to produce a particular smell when under heat while in larger clusters. Also, I would open up the unit to see if there are blown up capacitors. Though to be honest, I'd change the PSU entirely and not risk more damages or even death.
  3. When you look at yourself in the mirror before and after purchasing an x299 Intel platform.
  4. Two white Americans contemplating the evening budget for a cold one after standing under the sun for too long.
  5. A mainland Chinese buisiness man flaunting his investment to a poor mainland chinese worker.
  6. I remember being some homosexoqueer being stuck in a friendzone before for some other guy, boys and girls that are manupilative generally like the attention and so they hold on to these trophy waiting rooms that are nothing more than objectified emotional support. Best way to get out of the game is to just move on, quit the program and delete the save file. This skit in particular is 20x better than half the American dramas out there.
  7. I generally have zero interest in gender equality or forced inclusiveness. What I do care about is the personality of the individual and their ability to follow with the company's direction not their racial background. If an employee despite what race they are, is able to priortize the company's goals and perspective over their religious practice, cultural background and personal politics, that individual is truly an effective candidate for any position. Discriminative hiring should be applied strictly to one's personality and employment centers especially in Canada are pushing for a "based-on
  8. It doesn't make sense because all these "special snowflakes" are all about respecting *their* personal expression but yet "individualism" is seen as a "self-indulgent" and "problemtatic" train of thought. Either way, I pretty much ignore the news nowadays, evade discussions and brush off people that try to talk to me about their problems with the world. If they want to talk to me about politics, they can go join the other cucks at Reddit. I'll stick to my art station, Gnonom podcasts, patreon and MTG art history.
  9. I'm not even a left person or a right person. Like other Chinese individuals, I came to Canada for a fresh start, clean air, gay rights and a some opportunities to become a concept artist. While I have experienced racism in a past, I enjoy discriminative jokes, I love illustrating firearms, tanks, sexy amazonian women and revealing armor. All in which were heavily demonized by my professors, they don't seem to understand, "I want to be a concept artist" and they kept forcing me to be some knob head that jerks off to Dadaism expression. I've been ostracized by a proffessor for being quote on qu
  10. Yes, by subscribing to ESO you have ulimited storage for crafting materials. You can access the bag anywhere and deposit things or take things out at any time, when you subscribe all materials in your bag is automatically transferred to said crafting bag. You will be able to withdraw materials after your membership expires but not deposit. In additional, the crowns you get can be spent on DLCs except for Morrowind in order to get the skills. However, you can access dungeons and PVE content for free if you're a membership. If you save up enough crowns you can eventually just buy all the DLCs an
  11. Art School and its constant hamfisting of unimportant social sciences and politics, the constant attempts to derail me from my passion as well as constant passive aggression from my professoes made me attempt suicide at least once or twice. Now I am a lot less bitter and healthier when I'm given the option to not give a damn about other people's problems while I can focus on what really matters: My future as a Chinese immigrant. If you're a BC resident, don't go to ECUAD, it's a Liberal shit hole.
  12. From experience with ESO, a membership offers you a plethora of options, one being an unlimited space crafting bag and all access to all DLC content except for skill trees. Your exp gain is also quite high so crafting as a member can be formidable. The crowns you get can also be saved to purchase all DLCs except Morrowind. The company can be a tad bit jewish. All in all, I think a membership is worth it and supporting developers is always a good thing, though I can't say much as I quit after they refuse to separate PVP/PVE balances, making each patch feel like Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."
  13. I would grab the 1700x or if you fancy Intel, a I7 7820x that has 8 cores, 16 threads and a similar clock to the 1770k on each of those cores. But in terms of value, I would grab a 1700x and 16gb of 3200Mhz Ram.