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    Yasin40 reacted to awesomes8wc3 in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    56K + Text Wall warning!  
    Here's the retro computing corner i've been working on for a while, since about 2013 or so when I got my first retro machine (that I have now given to a friend). It's pretty ghetto, but it works. It's very tight for space in my small room and using the computers is kind of a pain as the keyboard/mouse/monitor cables needs to be moved to each machine. I bought a KVM but unfortunately the cables are sold separately and are expensive, so i'm still stuck moving cables.
    For you Mac fans I have a PowerMac G4 500 Sawtooth sitting at my grans house, with the original 17" Studio Display (Trinitro- uhh I mean Diamondtron goodness). Nothing too special but if you want to see it next time I'm down there I'll take some pics. Just let me know.
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    Yasin40 reacted to Fournuts the Longbeard in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    So this is the retro computer I've managed to put together completely from nib parts, it's a pretty decent computer for around 2001 or 2002. It's running Windows 98se with the high ram patch. It would probably be more appropriate to run WinXP on it but I've never used a 9x os before and wanted to experiment with one and dos games, anyways here's the parts list.
    Chenming 601ATX-AW which is the OEM version of the Antec SX-800 and you can still buy these new with pretty substantial shipping costs
    MSI K7T266pro2 that's been recapped
    Athlon XP 1700+ Palomino
    512mb DDR266
    Radeon 8500LE 128mb
    Sound blaster live 5.1 Platinum
    Maxtor 40gb boot disk
    Seagate Baracuda IV 60gb for games
    Antec easy USB
    Creative labs 4224 CD burner
    PC power and cooling silencer case fans
    PC power and cooling Turbocool 300-ATX

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    Yasin40 reacted to ShrimpBrime in Emoji C drive -   
    Can we get rid of this emoji? 😄  
    I wanna say it drives me nuts not to be able to type C : next to each other if I wanted to describe a file path. 
    For sure a stupid request. I could just use a space C : or type it correctly 😄 (C:) - A: B: 😄😧 E: F: G: H: I: J: K: drive letter F: and so forth. 
    Lol. Why C and D, the two most common file paths lol.
    Forgive my OCD. 
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    Yasin40 reacted to TempestCatto in Reusing coffee grounds?   
    Wouldn't the old grounds eventually grow mold? You must brew very week coffee to not taste a difference.
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    Yasin40 reacted to Middcore in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    Ah, the lawless interregnum period where cases had started to have windows but still lacked even rudimentary cable management, so the view through the side is like a portal into a Technicolor Spaghetti Dimension. 
    Say what you will though, it's more creative than modern case designs which are mostly just boxes of metal, glass, and mesh.
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    Yasin40 reacted to Blue4130 in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    I can think of many words to describe it. Cool is not on my list 😜
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    Yasin40 reacted to Caroline in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    Fan duct looks nice
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    Yasin40 reacted to Omar.B in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    Wow its really cooool I like it -I'm classic man- 😎🆒.
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    Yasin40 reacted to brentdahamster in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    I did some google research and in 2 seconds I found the model. The model is the (Aspire X-Cruize) Im pretty sure. 
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    Yasin40 reacted to Skiiwee29 in Please help me identify this cool old PC case   
    Its an old Apevia Case. I had similar ones 10-15 years ago. 
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    Yasin40 reacted to DankDeuxez in Can't wake PC from sleep with keyboard/mouse   
    you COULD try to update your motherboard BIOS. But i know that most motherboard BIOS has a setting for "wake from keyboard/mouse". Go look for that one first.
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    Yasin40 reacted to cr8tor in Can't wake PC from sleep with keyboard/mouse   
    Update your bios.
    If its current, flash it anyway.
    Updating and flashing the bios cleared the nvram which is kind of an index of what hardware is there. This can sometimes get corrupted, and the easiest way to clear it is to flash the bios.
    That or use the jumper or other method per the users manual.
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    Yasin40 reacted to homeap5 in Can't install browser on Windows Vista   
    Something must be wrong with your Vista installation. Maybe some services are disabled?
    Try, for example, Waterfox classic. But I think that it's not browser problem, but system.
    No, it's not advice "please upgrade", because that may be advice only when I was sure that it Vista fault, and I doubt it. Just check using procmon what happens when you're trying to install program. Maybe some VC++ libraries are missing? What if you try to insall Opera 12.17 (old, discontinued, obsolete, but for sure with Vista support)?
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    Yasin40 reacted to BTGbullseye in 9800gtx or gtx 280 gtx 260 for retro gaming   
    It tended to provide a slightly better experience in XP-era titles than the 2X0, and you specified both 7 and XP as your OSes. The 2X0 will be marginally faster, but there can be compatibility issues in older titles that the 9800 won't have.
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    Yasin40 got a reaction from Ryan12334567 in 9800gtx or gtx 280 gtx 260 for retro gaming   
    Hi guys
    I found a 9800gtx+ for €10 near me and have been seriously thinking of buying it to upgrade my retro gaming rig with 2gb ddr2 and a q6600
    Should I hold out for a bit and try to find a deal on gtx 280/60 or get the 9800gtx +? 
    Really just want something to play everything from half life to bioshock to gta 4 on at 1080p. 
    Also I have to upgrade my psu with all of those but whatever
    I'd like to hear your opinions
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    Yasin40 reacted to Abyssal Radon in Antec HCP 750 modular cables   
    @Yasin40 Contact Antec, while you're very likely going to have a pay for the cables/shipping, the manufacturer should be able to help you out.
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    Yasin40 got a reaction from YT_DomDaBomb20 in R9 270x popped psu   
    That's very nice of you, thanks
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    Yasin40 reacted to RTX 3090 in R9 270x popped psu   
    Just get a used bequiet or corsair PSU rated at around 500w
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    Yasin40 reacted to YT_DomDaBomb20 in R9 270x popped psu   
    Honestly, eBay has loads of used psu’s just see where they are on the tier list
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    Yasin40 reacted to WambleCropped in Keyboard and mouse for 11 year old   
    yes i would assume so, I believe they use the same sensor the  Pixart 3389 but i am not sure. I use the mouse i just sent the link to and it works wonderfully well. The other ones in the series are probaly great too just check out some online reviews too
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    Yasin40 reacted to WambleCropped in Keyboard and mouse for 11 year old   
    yes it is rated the best bugdet mouse by IGN and other various sources
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    Yasin40 reacted to jonnyGURU in TX650M V2 loud fan speed high   
    Ok.  If it's "clean" (not clogged with dust), it shouldn't be getting "louder with age".
    If it's only a year old, you should just contact Corsair and get it replaced.
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    Yasin40 reacted to H2B in 3900X cooler   
    I have a 3900x on an MSI pro carbon AC B450 with the Scythe Mugen PCGH and 6 case fans (3 side intake ML120, 3 top exhaust Noctua 120mm redux 700rpm) in a Lian Li O11 dynamic case.
    All core OC at 4.2 GHz @ 1.25V leads to idle temps around 46C and sustained load temps of 80 to 81C with AIDA64 stress test for 10 minutes. It's good enough for a quiet cooler although at full boost the ML120s make a bit of noise but nothing too bad.
    I would consider a 360 AIO for lower temps at load but the Mugen PCGH is running quite nicely.
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    Yasin40 reacted to seon123 in TX650M V2 loud   
    It's not a very quiet PSU. You can find testing results on Cybenetics.
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    Yasin40 reacted to Juular in TX650M V2 loud   
    It's not quiet by any means, 30dBa idle. Partly because it has unoptimal fan housing. To quote it's designer, @jonnyGURU :
    If you're really bothered by noise i guess you can try to return it and get RM\RMx instead, they are quiet. Or possibly wait for TXm refresh Jon are talking about and try to swap it for newer revision when it would be available. I doubt Corsair support would do either tho, noise are usually aren't regarded as a good reason for RMA especially since this is normal operation for this particular unit.