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  1. what is a good 1ms ips 1080p60hz gaming monitor? Preferably less than 22 inches
  2. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NQ48NN is there anything I should replace/add to this build? And would the GPU be too heavy for the mobo?
  3. Would a Cryorig H7 be too heavy for something like an Asus PRIME B250M-PLUS? With the possibility of it bending or even breaking?
  4. I am looking for a mid-tower case with good airflow for gaming, my budget is $100 but Ill go higher if I need to, Id prefer a side mount for a fan instead of a window.
  5. Is the Noctua nh-l9x65 enough for an i7 7700 for gaming? if not then what are other low profile cpu coolers that I can use for it?
  6. What kind of cooler would you recommend that are similar to a stock cooler?
  7. I am transporting my hard drive from a prebuilt pc to a custom build, is there anything special that I will have to do after or before installing it?
  8. Why get it if I wont OC? I'm also getting the 7700 instead also because of the cooler
  9. can I use a heavy GPU with this? like a GTX 1070 AMP extreme?
  10. I'm looking for a gaming motherboard that's good for an i7 7700, my budget is $150