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    with rtx 3080 stocks
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    i7 7700k
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    Asus ROG Strix Z270
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    32 gb Gskill trident Z
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    Zotac trinity 3080
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    Phanteks Evolv
  1. I definitely agree. It'll be super weird if it's true hahahaha.
  2. How is it that the Nvidia RTX 3070's average G3d mark higher than the Nvidia Rtx 3080? Rtx 3070 scored 24,646 while the 3080 scored 24,254. Link: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html
  3. Any solutions on fixing or restoring a gpu? Or is this just a trophy for display? This a gtx 1080. Short circuited idk why
  4. But just in case i upgrade my cpu which of the psu will you recommend
  5. I currently have a 7700k to pair with the 3080. Ill upgrade it soon down the line. Im just gonna buy the 3080 coz i have no gpu right now. Will the 660w be enough?
  6. electricity here is so sketchy that's why i just wanna be safe
  7. going to buy rtx 3080. nvidia recommended 750 but 750 and 850w psu are around the same price
  8. I have 3 options for a power supply Corsair RM850x- 7, 200price Seasonic PX 850- 6, 900 Seasonic Focus GX 850- 6,200 Which one's the best among them? I currently have a Seasonic 660w platinum and I wish to upgrade to 850w. Help me asap!! And provide info plezz. They're all nice i think. should i go for a platinum seasonic px or the rm850x or should i just buy the cheaper one? THANKS
  9. I have a GTX 1080 & i7-7700k and I'm looking a good 1440p IPS budget monitor. These 2 are my top options(feel free to suggest any monitor around 300-400 USD). The viewsonic is 360USD while the BenQ is at 380USD in my country. I'm not into competitive gaming. I mostly play rpg like Witcher 3 and the like. I do a lot of photo editing and architectural renderings. Thanks!! Viewsonic- http://ap.viewsonic.com/bd/products/lcd/VX3209-2K.php BenQ- http://www.benq.com/product/monitor/GW2765HT/