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  1. Have you heard about dota auto chess it can burn the rest of your day (only on android) https://www.zizouqi.com/
  2. schiit magni 3 + modi 2 + akg k712 pro, one of the best setups for gaming , one of the best for imaging
  3. Dont undervolt, try to set power limit at +50% (from radeon wattman you can lower power limit from -50 to +50%) with that you tell to the gpu that pick a stable frequency and up your power when it needs, (making a stable frequency without spikes) had the same issue with a rx 480 , and now 0 spikes since then
  4. With a 1060 buy a 2600( with or without x , better value without) or a 9600k , you dont need an i7 , and if you upgrade your gpu to something like a 2070(performance like) those 2 wont be an issue to play 1440p 144hz ( I play 1440p 165hz with a 8600k + 1070 and the gpu is limining my fps not my cpu).
  5. If you want to game with a normal monitor 1080p 60hz buy a 2600 + a 1060 / 2060 If you want to game like a real gamer buy a 1080p/1440p monitor 144hz and a 2070
  6. If its in the microsoft store means that 99% chance it will be play anywhere , what meants that xbox users will have free on pc, My brother has the one x and just putting his account on the microsoft store you can download and play without paying anything (you dont need xbox gold) , xbox play anywhere = another free license for your game.
  7. NOOOOOO....... I have an sticker in my monitor and I allways say, whenever I want I can watch 3d movies (pointing at 3d vision sticker) , never done
  8. My family owns a dog hotel, we never let dogs interact with eachother (We do if both dogs know, ie: family / neightbours , and they specify say to do so) . Like 3 months ago, a close friend called me asking advice because a relative went to a dog hotel( I said wtf you just could come here, but his relative didnt knew) and they losted the dog.... long story short, they use to walk all dogs together without leash, and they assumed that the dog would return (I think they killed the dog just letting on a field with another dogs on some fight). My(family) dog hotel has 4 parks with grass
  9. if its for gaming 24/27' 1440p 144/165hz with gsync if possible, Gaming at 4k its expensive and not for gamers (better high refresh rate with a 24' monitor than any 4k). For games just think that from 1080p to 1440p is around 70% more pixels thats huge work for your gpu, I game with a 8600k + 1070 + 1440p 165hz monitor (24 inch) and If I can trade anything its that resolution for more fps. For my experience (and I think most people agree) high fps + high refresh rate + gsync is the way to go, you can trade 1440p even 4k for less screen size just search about pixel density "ppi" on monitors(you
  10. I had a rx 480 8gb stock cooler(blower) and give it to a friend and had the same problems, solved by raising power limit(%) to max 50% ,because when the rx480 has variable power limit , it will put a stable frequency giving you 0 throttle, when you put it at 0% it will lower your frequency at higher load giving you throttle. I can tell you that there is like half a year since we raise up to 50% (max) and there's 0 problems.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/MillSO-Microphone-Headphone-Connector-Headset-30CM/dp/B0756CK9HG/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DHM1SG85VT00QFW41ES1 there are cheaper
  12. some processors like amd benefit more , yours will gain some performance but not too much for gaming (almost 2 fps if so), you will gain more for overclock your 7700k
  13. xmp is an auto overclock of your ram, it's safe but your system can be unstable (blue screens or some game / application crashing) , you can try and if you experience unstability just switch to lower xmp speed/profile or remove it
  14. @desti1337 I think it worked!!! @Labeled downlod nvidia inspector and try , no need to explain much with this 2 images.
  15. You game with friends online and alone in your house? : 144hz 1440p is perfect (with gsync better ) You want to play with your friends like with a ps4/xbox (2 controllers, party on your house...) : better 4k I think its better 144hz 1440p for everyday gaming , but if you play with your pc on weekends with friend on your house, 4k suits better to you.
  16. new everything mmmm.... can be a faulty piece but can be dumb things like did you put the 8pin cable? I dont see on the video
  17. where do you from? On USA like 200$ here on spain almost double like 250-300€
  18. Amount of money to spend? ? Usage?
  19. this seems motherboard I would try another psu to see if it its fault , but seems something about the motherboard, try to reseat cpu and cables, look for bent pins on the cpu socket or if you can try another motherboard
  20. Stay away from asus 1060 duals and gigabyte rx 580 8gb , those are cheap now because of reviews.
  21. @johnmark0036 I would take that @LukeSavenije blindly, Those components price / quality are one of the best. That evga card has 3 years warranty and perform like a 1070(I use a 1070 to play at 1440p 165hz , so you will play at high settings 144hz without problems) That power supply is THE BEST AT ITS PRICE, they could charge like 80-100$ without problem for that psu, (I just bought the same for a friend's build, 1060+ryzen 5 2600) In my opinion Dell is the best monitor manufacturer, past years Asus could catch Dell, but nowadays? dell keeps the same quality and seems (to me) that asus