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  1. Please do not use Bluetooth for input. They're not stable enough and will not work well when outside OS. Use USB And as far as I can tell most SBDs have a display output right? then why use HDMI rather than onboard output.... BTW I think if there's really a dongle needed, it should be a i-dont-know-what connector to eDP.
  2. I got a Toshiba Z40-A laptop, and I throw an Intel Pro 5400s SSD in it. But somehow, this SSD can't work well on my pc. Windows 10 can't be booted after several reboots and upgrades, Windows 7 always automatically stop working. But stangely, while using Ubuntu, none of these problems happened. I was wondering why. Can anyone give me some help?
  3. I'm thinking to modify my Clevo P775 series laptop to an AIO. Basically, you put the MTB out and using eDP port to connect a panel, and call it a day and is it possible to jump wire a TB3 dock and a touch panel on the mtb and call it a customized Surface Studio?
  4. My laptop's CPU and GPU can be swapped. Linus made a video about that kind of laptop
  5. MXM format GeForce GTX 1070 8G I can boot and show my screen, the driver and Windows all detected the gpu but I just can't run games or benchmarks on that. 3DMark demo just go black and sound still goes on
  6. ThinkPads are THE BEST I've got myself a T430 and it works very well. Thank you for you information
  7. Thanks for the advice. I had never used any AMD platform machine before but I think if you can save a few buck on the mtb you can get a better CPU and a gpu
  8. I've done some research and you might want to check for these motherboards. AsRock A320M-HDV MSI A320M-PRO VD PLUS ASUS A320M-K these are all smaller boards so you may also save a few bucks for the case
  9. Don't use B450 then. Get some B350 or even A320 chipset motherboards.They are cheaper, they can all fit your need.
  10. If your CPU is 2200G you don't need such elite motherboard and case. Try cut budget on your motherboard and case and spend them on your CPU\RAM or storage.
  11. My Clevo P775DM2-G laptop's 1070 GPU has come back from a friend but I can't run benchmark on that. I've installed the latest version of Windows 10 and NVIDIA driver but neither LuDashi nor 3DMark Demo from Steam runs well. I assume that this is because my GPU's thermal paste is not good so I changed 7921 but the bug still remains. Can anyone tell me why the hell is going on?