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  1. Wccftech must be smoking something by even mentioning that this CPU could be 14nm, that would be 1st gen Zen tech, even the 2990WX on Zen+ is 12nm, neither of those had 8 chiplet designs. Zen 2 at 7nm is the only way how they can expect to make it work power wise as well, but I still expect the TDP number to be impressive on this thing.
  2. No, the used market around here is pretty weak for HDDs so I could get like 2TB drive for 30EUR, or a 4TB toshiba dell branded for 65EUR. I'd personally rather pay a little more per TB to have a fresh drive with a warranty. I'd really rather go for something like 3 to 6 TB ideally as I have no clue how would I fill a 10TB drive, but new ones at those sizes have prices of 25 EUR/TB and up.
  3. I am in the market for some extra storage as my 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD doesn't leave much free space nowadays. I was looking both in the new and used markets and found a pretty unbeatable deal on a WD Purple 10TB (WD101PURZ) for 178 EUR, which is the best deal I can find per TB for any new drive and only a little more than the best deals on the used market doing 15 EUR per TB. I was wondering whether the WD Purple is a wise choice for general storage and some games as I have read that these drives are specifically optimized for surveillance and do not have the same level of error checki
  4. I became curious about the 2x DP 1.3 connections to the display. As far as I know graphics cards such as the GTX 1080 actually support DP 1.4 which can push 8K at 60fps. So why would the monitor be only limited to these mythical quadro cards? @LinusTech @Slick
  5. Rig Name: Weak Old Dog [a cs:go machine] CPU: i5-3470 RAM: 8GB GPU: GTX 660 Score: Not Ready, fidelity 0 That being said I couldn't care less about VR (trying it out might change my opinion but right now I think it's a gimmick). AR is what I'm interested in (google - release the glass 2.0 already)
  6. After reading about the topic on https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive/it seems to me it's better to not buy a 3TB drive unless it's from HGST. The problem is - they're 30% more expensive in my country and almost reach prices of 4TB drives (which backblaze found to be a solid choice both from seagate and hgst). Right now i'm thinking on going the economic route of getting a WD Green 2TB WD20EZRX, looking at amazon reviews 1-star and 5-star it seems to me that it failed for 7.5% of customers, this looks just good enough. Still not sold on the 5900RPMness of the Green though, but there
  7. Amazon reviews say that the Seagate drive either works fine and fast, or it fails when put in RAID, or it fails after 2 years of use (this worries me - such a short lifetime for a HDD)
  8. Well alternative capacities then? 2TB doesn't make much sense when looking at the cost compared to 3TB drives and wouldn't 4TB ones be even more unreliable?
  9. I currently have to decide between a Seagate Barracuda 3TB ST3000DM001 and a WD Caviar Green 3TB WD30EZRX. The main use for these harddrives would be to replace my 1TB Caviar Blue which i plan to use in another computer - I mainly store content on it, but I also use it for games which don't fit on my 240gb ssd. Which one of those would be the better choice?
  10. I can only say the best about G2A. They provide a great service and you can find more than just cheaper game keys - you can get windows keys too. My experience is only positive
  11. Vessel username: mono_lv Favorites: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Twitter share: https://twitter.com/RobertsKampe/status/580421173273632768 I love watching the newest stuff faster, but vessel really needs to step up their quality game. Thanks, for the giveaway Linus!
  12. I'd probably sell the CPU and get a nice GPU upgrade.
  13. Congrats on 1M Linus, but when you really look back it's been quite a while, I remember when I first started watching Linus and NCIX tech tips, I was 11 years old or something like that I went from being like - ps3's and xbox360's are awesome, to WOW PC gaming FTW once i understood everything about them, I could almost say that watching Linus made me a PC gamer, been gaming on a pc for 2 years now
  14. The PSU is definetley enough for your build. I'd personally go for the Cooler Master N400 as a case for this price, but 200R has all the necessary features too, just looks a bit too plastic IMO
  15. Dude Haswell-E hasn't officially launched yet and you want to wait for the next one? You must be the winner of the 'waiting for next-gen hardware game'
  16. A different retailer listed it. Check first post.
  17. Intel i7-5930K Intel i7-5960X Update - Added i7-5820K: Intel i7-5920K Seems like only the extreme edition will feature 8 cores, the standard K edition will still be a 6 core chip, but it will be 500 mhz faster. What do you think? Are the 2 cores worth 2 times the price and 500 MHz lower clockspeed?
  18. What I love about the Z2 is the build materials/quality and waterproofness. The dbrand skin looks dope (only for LTT fans tho )
  19. He bought that domain in 2 hours time... Remember him asking on twitter for the domain owner to sell.
  20. If you like buttons, get the Naga or this - http://www.amazon.ca/Logitech-Gaming-Mouse-White-910-002871/dp/B0086UK7I6/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1406917950&sr=1-2&keywords=g600
  21. WOW i think i just found a replacement for my good old Logitech MX-518. I was almost getting a G502 when i read up on how much it weighs compared to my 518 and it was 20% more. But this is just epic - lightweight, more buttons, better sensor.