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  1. I'm building a new pc for gaming and such but I'm having the issue where my wifi modem is in the lounge connected to the Foxtel and I can't and don't want to have my pc in the lounge so how can I have my fast Ethernet cabling elsewhere in the house. Would a wifi extender work?
  2. Hi, I'm currently building this https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Insomniax/saved/yHgkLk and I was wondering if it would be worth waiting for the 8th gen i7 or should I just get the 7700k
  3. In America maybe haha. In Australia there more like 457
  4. My question is how much more expensive are these going to be haha
  5. Sooooo are they telling me to wait for the 8th gen CPU?
  6. I'm out of the loop why is it funny?
  7. So what your saying is for me to wait until the 8th gen comes out?
  8. Perhaps a little more information would be in order?
  9. So with the Samsung am I just paying for branding or?
  10. Haha I was looking at the wrong one. Yeah that's not bad for pricing
  11. Just a little too expensive, it may not look it but I do have some kind of budget haha
  12. So this is th build I have come up with https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/cvtqFd and I was wondering, for one should I go for a custom water cooling system or just stick to the kraken. For two is there any upgrades or changed that people would make to make my build better, keeping in mind I do like aesthetics
  13. nvm i figured it out. thank you.... iv never had an monitor before let alone a top of the line one ahahaha