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  1. So the stock PSU is fine? I plan on using PLA and some PETG, I don't plan on printing on anything else for the time being.
  2. I'll start out with stock (Amazon shipping times are so long rn), but I will upgrade the firmware, and possibly the board, down the road. thanks!
  3. I'm planning on buying an Ender 3 Pro sometime soon and I am wondering how safe it is. I know that a firmware update is highly recommended for thermal runaway, but other than that, is the printer safe? Apart from the printer itself, should I try to filter out the air from the melting plastic?
  4. What motherboard should I get for a 3700X? I plan to use this ram in the system and my budget for the board is ~$170. What motherboard model should I get? I plan to use multiple PCIe 16x slots for GPU/s and for networking. I'm thinking of going with an X470 board, but I don't know how I would upgrade the BIOS to support my system other than with the AMD Loan Boot Kit. I don't plan to do any kind of major overclocking.
  5. Would it be possible to use a PSU to 3 4 pin molex cable as a 4 pin to 2 4 pin? My 2 riser cards use the 4 pin molex and I don’t have PCIe power to 2x+ molex.
  6. Every day I have posted a picture of linus to my instagram. <Link Removed>
  7. should I wait till Zen 2 boards get released instead of getting a 350/450?
  8. I am not planning on using SLI or Crossfire, but I was wondering if I put the three GPUs into the three slots if the system would give me a PCIe lane error or if it will just limit the lanes of the cards (and what are they limited to) Also, what should I do about the bios when I dont have any AMD cpus to update with?
  9. how would that be an issue? I am currently doing it for mining and I have had no issues
  10. I am planning on building a rig when the new Zen 2 CPUs come out. I currently have 2 GTX 970s and an RX 580. Could I put all three of these cards in a STRIX B350-F GAMING mobo and be able to use a M.2 SSD? I know the PCIe lanes will be limited but that is fine for what I am planning on doing (folding, some rendering, occasional gaming) I would also like to know how installing a bios for Zen 2 would work on that motherboard. Thanks! (to power these cards I will be using a server psu I was using for mining before, system will be running on a 600w psu +
  11. i am using 2 GTX 970s + an ancient AMD Athlon CPU getting around 170k-180k pts/day @Opencircuit74 @Ben Quigley
  12. I am using a board that only has 1 x16 slot and 3 x1 slots, Before folding I was mining, so I have a few x1 to x16 risers laying around. What kind of performance hit will I see by using these adapters when folding@home?
  13. it only has one PCIe slot, once some new parts arrive ill move one over.
  14. Folding using 2 GTX 970's that I once used for mining. ~130,000 points/day. And it heats my room that has no heater!