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  1. Yeah, shouldn't have to do plug and unplug it. I had a 2 bay dock and it doesn't do that. Will try on other ports that is on a different usb hub. Thanks.
  2. External Orico 5 bay usb 3.0 hard drive dock prevents computer from POSTing, when connected. I usually have to unplug the usb cable from the pc and start it. After it POSTs, I plug the dock back. I don't get why it will cause it, the dock has it's own power supply. Could the power brick of the dock cause it to not boot? Is this an issue with the motherboard, or power supply? Could it be a grounding issue? I have a gigabyte z97x gaming 7, i7 4790k and a 620w seasonic sII psu. The post code from the led in the mobo stops at 64 (cpu initialization as per the mobo's manual)
  3. Ok thanks. The PSU and/or Mobo were the things I suspect were the problems. Already memtested. Reseat RAM, reapplied thermal paste on cpu, removed from case to eliminate case grounding to be the problem. What would you suggest for an 850w psu,? I'm looking at The BitFenix Whisper M 850W or the Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 850W gold psu Thanks.
  4. S12II. Yeah that was due to the availability when I was building my rig back then. But really didn't have any problems with it when my gtx 970 (not that it should, even with the 5700xt i thought). I know I don't really need a 1000w even for the 3080/3090 and 5000 series. But due to the availability here I included those 1000w psus that are actually in stock locally. Most 850w are out of stock here, with no word on when they are going to be available. And if I go get it at mwave.au, I won't be getting it any time soon. That's why I the price range is so wide. Lol The BitFenix Whi
  5. Lol, I don't know why either, maybe my watt meter is faulty, but is seems to coincide with the estimates in hwinfo (considering the power wasted from the walls to the system). My 620w is working, but the motherboard sometimes powers off (still has lights, no post code, thermals are ok), But won't power on unless I remove some of the hdds. Lol Not really my main reason why I wanted to upgrade my psu. I'm also planning to build an htpc/casual gaming pc off an old office pc and use my old strix gtx 970 and the 620w for it. Thanks.
  6. Philippines. But I can also get from Australia (mwave.au) I'm looking at the Bitfenix whisper 850w, which is available in mwave.au and much cheaper, and the Seasonic PRIME ULTRA TITANIUM 850w . I know it's overkill and much more expensive, but availability of psus are hard to come by , and it is available here locally.
  7. I was currently editing my post when you commented lol. I would also like it to be future proof. I'm planning to get a ryzen 5800 and rtx 3080 and I don't want to have to get a new power supply I do currently have a seasonic 620w bronze and it doesn't seem to be enough. Would a gold 650w be enough? I use a watt meter and my rig is pulling about 450w when playing AAA games (that's when the 5700xt is not undervolted /underclocked) thanks.
  8. What psu would you recommend ? Specs: 850w - 1000w Gold - Platinum Fully modular RGB other digital add ons, not preferred (minimal, if possible, more priority on build quality rather than aesthetics and other functionality) Prefer less noise under load (50% load and up) Lowest ripple noise possible. (caps on cables?) Availability. Of course all those are based on the budget Budget: 100 - 230 usd Specs: CPU: i7 4790k OCd to 4.7 (might want to push it some more) Mobo: Gigabyte gaming z97x gaming
  9. How about this? Is this in the same tier as the InWin PB series? Thanks. https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-power-supply/p85/ https://www.amazon.com/WIN-Fully-Modular-Supply-Certified/dp/B089QWV81T
  10. Your cpu is bottlenecking because 1080ti is too fast @1080p)and the cpu can't keep up. Try playing on 1440p or 4k or even an ultrawide 1080 monitor and the bottlenck goes away