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  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Crosshair VII HERO (wifi)
  • RAM
    2x8gb corsair vengeance non-rgb
  • GPU
    Gigabyte gaming g1 GTX 1080
  • Case
    Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. 2
  • Storage
    3tb WD HDD 500gb Samsung EVO 860 SSD 1TB ADATA SSD
  • PSU
    EVGA supernova 850 P2 80+ platinum
  • Display(s)
    MSI optix AG32CQ
  • Cooling
    Masterliquid ML240R RGB Cooler Master AIO

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  1. Ok so to get str8 to the point i left a friend playing games on my pc last night, and came home this morning to find my adata su800 1tb ssd unrecognizable by my windows or bios mb crosshair vii hero wifi. I cannot for any reason not get my ssd to be recognized by my pc whether its bios or windows. But what i can say is that I found poweriso mounted on drive which was the letter of my ssd 1tb drive.
  2. Whelp lost all my files todays guys. For a guy that knows alot about virus, this one hit me and got me good. My system is fast so it had spread very fast in minutes. It first infected another user acc on the same pc, then it got to mine. Just deleted 24tb of data...it still formatting as I type this lol.
  3. I know right but thanks to the people who helped me here and on FB. CHEERS!!
  4. Well for starters the front i/o USB3.1 Gen 2 was killing power to the whole system when plugged in, dont know why but maybe its damaged. Secondly the bios was one of the problem, had to update it then it actually stays on with memory inserted, as before it would just shut off after a couple seconds. Thirdly had a faulty HDMI wire so had to switch to my Display Port then I managed to actually boot and post to monitor.
  5. Got it working guys, thanks to all that helped me in this endeavor.
  6. I cant even access the website if im logged in.
  7. Dont have any connected at this moment but it was a samsung 860 evo 500gb
  8. Ok how cant I do that if nothing is posting, literally nothing comes up on my monitor.
  9. Manual says 2nd from left and last slot for dual channel but use last slot for single...I have done that as well in the beginning but still same error, sorry for not including this info in the beginning. I have also read posts but its from 2017 that some of these boards has faulty dimm slots too. Im hoping thats not the case with this as this board is very expensive and where I live dont sell these highend boards muchless mdium end, only very low end. So I have order everything which is expensive for me especially the cost of S&H and duty.
  10. Hi guys good day. Im having a bit of trouble making my pc post. I just finished the build specs will be below. Everything is hooked up correctly as far as video tutorials go, when click the power button it boots but nothing shows on monitor and after a couple second, like 30secs, it shuts down by itself but before that freezes at qcode 55 for like 5secs then briefly shows an 8 for like a milisecond (not 08 just ? then shuts down. I have looked at code 55 and it says "memory not installed" but I've tried different dimms, used one stick, use both sticks switch it around all sorts but still nothi
  11. Forget about the infinite loop, it doesnt even boot/post now. By infinite loop i mention before i meant that it just cycles through some debug numbers and goes right back around with the same numbers and everytime it reaches a specific code "3b" my mouse and keyboard light flashes but nothing shows on the screen and it does this over and over But forget about that, now it wont even power on at all...i disconnected everything and reconnected and still no luck.
  12. @DrMikeNZ I need serious help rightnow...I took out my r9 290 and swap it with my gtx 1080 from my other rig and since then my system doesnt want to boot up. No kind of power not even the cpu fan or chasis fan spins. Just one rgb light is lit on the mobo and thats it. Prior to swapping the cards the bios was updated from 2.40 to AGESA 3.00 through the bios its using the built in bios updater and thats when the computer started giving signs of failure, it didnt want to post at all, no matter what i do, the system would just go into an infinite loop... I thought it was th