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  1. Hello all, I have been having this issue for a few weeks. Any time I try to create a "New" item in windows explorer using the context menu, I get a blue wheel and about a 30 second delay before the list loads. Every item on the list works when it finally loads. I am used to making folders this way (even though there is another option I forget about every time I try to make one), and it's driving me bananas. Any suggestions on a fix? I've done a lot of googling and haven't come across an answer that works (other than reinstalling windows and/or setting my computer
  2. I restart my PC a couple times a year (outside of windows updates). Power consumption is minimal when asleep, and I think I'm more likely to wear out my power button from nightly power cycling than my components from running all the time. But now I'm folding all night anyway, so shutting down is a non-starter for me.
  3. So to be clear, your predictions about investment don't need to come true at all for you to demand an apology from youtubers (LOL), but I need to give you the date on which Comcast is going to bend you over the neutrality table. Seems legit.
  4. This. Neither of us are Miss Cleo, so I don't expect either of us to know the future. But it's easy enough to look at how corporations with profit motives behave--they will do whatever makes them the most money. And if you think for a moment that treating all internet traffic as equal makes Comcast more money, then you're delusional.
  5. No, they're evil now. They're just also smart enough to not get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It makes more sense to get people like you to argue that Comcast is really doing what's best for all of us in the hopes that anyone is gullible enough to believe it.
  6. Still waiting to see all the big investment your side promised. Thinking any change would show a result this fast, particularly on a hot-button issue like this, shows a real lack of understanding about the issue. It also misunderstands the competence of the bad-actors who want to take advantage of this seismic shift in the internet--if they started right away, everyone would known why and how to fix it. If they hold off and do it slowly over a few years, everyone will be too busy playing Pokemon and wondering what the Kardashians are up to now to notice.
  7. I had very good luck with a TP link unit, and a friend is using them with success now. Powerline kits are altogether dependent on the type and quality of your home's wiring, so there is always going to be some variability in quality of performance. They're a great option if you can't run wires though. Would strongly recommend TP link.
  8. Howdy All, I am looking to build a multipurpose server (on a budget). I am looking for it to be able to handle the following: 1. Run an ownCloud NAS to replace my current Dropbox account; 2. Run a Plex Media Server; and 3. Run Ubiquiti's UniFi software for my home network. I don't know how powerful I really need this thing to be, and I am concerned about building a machine that is too weak or too powerful (i.e. expensive). Price to performance is a high priority for this build. Very open to suggestions and any experience you
  9. They are both from reputable brands, have the same wattage, have black modular cables, and 80+ gold efficiency. Honestly, if you're not in love with one brand over the other or the aesthetics of one does't fit your build better, buy whichever is cheaper IMO.
  10. Perhaps I'm just confused, but... couldn't you just plug the monitors you want assigned to each card... into the display ports on that card?
  11. Where did your version of windows come from? I'm wondering if there is some preconfigured security stuff shutting down ports or something
  12. Have you tried building the PC outside of the case? If a stand-off is misplaced and touching something it’s jot supposed to, this could happen. Build it all on the mobo box and power it on with a screwdriver. And while it’s not common, it’s possible to get two bad parts in a row. I bought a dishwasher last year. Had two DOA and everyone thought it had to be me. Sure enough, it was a bad batch and a new SN series solved it for the third try.
  13. Are you running any sort of VPN that might be configured goofily?
  14. Derp, it was 115 F not C, my bad, so 46 C (about the temp of the water per Corsair's software) Yeah, I'm submitting a ticket with Corsair now. Hopefully they don't wont to be dicks about cross shipping (not having the computer for that long would be a deal-breaker and would mean I'd have to buy a cooler something to get me through) Thanks for your help homie
  15. So, I feel slight vibrating, but I feel the same if I touch any part of the computer. I'm not sure if it's the pump or just a combination of the fans (which I have turned way back down for this) and the HDD. Is there a way to differentiate? Should it be obviously vibrating more at the pump (because that would suggest a broken pump)? If it is the pump: would Corsair's software still be reading it at 3060 rpm? would the top hose still get warm (convection perhaps)? would the temps still remain "ok" (i.e. enough to not force me to shut it down with light use (wat