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Jim Gordon

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About Jim Gordon

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  • Birthday Jan 10, 1995

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    3rd world,soon UK or USA
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  • CPU
    intel core i3 3220
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte h61m s2p rev 2.2
  • RAM
    6 gb ddr3 667 mhz
  • GPU
    sapphire rx 460 2 gb gddr5 dx12 single fan
  • Case
    some old case
  • Storage
    seagate sata3 7200 rpm 500 gb
  • PSU
    corsair vs450
  • Display(s)
    lg 32mb25hm
  • Cooling
    intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    dell wired keyboard
  • Mouse
    logitech m185
  • Sound
    tv speakers
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro 64 bit

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  1. not terrible in this 3rd world country Data cap exist,after 150 gb it goes down to 24 mbps which is terrible.
  2. I'm 22.Studyin English Language&Literature but also playing everyday&night,Xbox One&PC.Since i live in a s*itty country,there's nothin else to do around here,people are terrible,i hate every inch of this country&its people.When you combine all this with the fact that me being a shy person since childhood(i have this condition,'social phobia')So,cant see myself doing anything other than games,movies and stuff.I dont know why I write this here but I feel terrible.
  3. wow,glad to see its gone.Now i have to sell my pc completely and build a new one.Adios i3 3220&rx 460.
  4. jesus,same people again and again.yes this is a problem so stop saying same things in every 2,3 pages.if you have no solution then you have no reason to be here.as i said before its not us,its the hardware.i have played in a shityy pc in shitty resolution but this problem didnt exist.it was crystal clear.
  5. im glad your problem's gone.i have tried every hertz via settings but didnt worked for me:(
  6. thanks,im gonna leave this country after college if i survive until then.Worst case scenario i'll suicide,no point to live a life if i wont live the way i want...
  7. sharkoon(xtatic digital has terrible build quality)
  8. midnight club la dead space 1 life is strange forza horizon 3
  9. Im gay,almost everyone knows im gay except my parents.But man,its hard to live in this part of the world.Everybody is s*****
  10. im from Turkey,but i hate the Erdogan's Turkey,he's a ... anyway.
  11. i just played insurgency on my brother's pc and man,cant believe it!it looks great even on his old system(x4 955,hd 5750,4 gb ram).no flickering,no jagged edges/lines. and also i dont think my sentences wrong,im trying to be clear here. Edit:Also,his system was running windows 7 so,should i downgrade to windows 7?maybe it works?any opinions?