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  1. @Drama Lama i have just tried and unfortunatelly it did not work man im so upset with this but thank for the feedback and trying to help
  2. so even if i were to buy a different adaptor to use it woudnt work at all
  3. hi @Kilrah pretty much it, if i connect only one monitor with hdmi it works if i use only the usb c or even the dockstation on th usb c, it is working for other devices ( mouse and keyboard) they are working only the video that isnt working and the hub work perfectly with the laptop from work, only with my personal laptop Asus fx553v that it isnt working
  4. the monitors are being connected with hdmi into the hub and the hub is connected via usb c to the laptop on the laptop from my work it works fine but with my personal laptop model that i mentioned above then it is not working
  5. I have just tested to see if it would make any difference but unfortunatelly it did not the mouse that is connected on the hub as well is working without a problem but there is no video being send to the other two monitors
  6. @Drama Lama if I connect one monitor to the hdmi it works without problem but only one monitor at a time and I need to use two monitors simultaneously
  7. @Drama Lama yes I´m connecting the hub via usb c
  8. @Drama Lama thanks for the feedback so you are saying that if I get an adaptor to a different port, might would work or there is something that I can buy to solve my problem?
  9. hey everyone! I having an issue to connect two monitor to my laptop I have bought already a dockstation to see if it would work, but unfornutunately it isnt so I would like to know if anybody has any sugestion on how to make it work thanks in advance laptop model: Asus fx553v dockstation model: VaKo 12 Ports Docking Station (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B081GSRDS5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
  10. @Pharr Carnell my 256gb having 150gb used Without anything also would be normal?
  11. @VinZie rsrs don´t worry I can explain it better there is a ssd 256gb in which is used 150gb and in there suppose to have only the OS so less than 20GB and a HDD 6TB in which has my movies and stuff I have done a fresh installation of windows because im having an issue with my pc after switching it off (shutting down) the fan and rgb were still on so thats why im doing a fresh install of the OS answering your other question, there are no partions on the ssd or on the hdd
  12. @VinZie i have two drives an ssd 256gb in which the OS is installed and another a hdd of 6tb which has many movies and photos when i would do what you mentioned I would loose the files on the other driver?
  13. I formated today my pc and after a fresh install of windows I didnt install any other software and i noticed that 150gb is occupied i dont understand why, or which stuff could be installed in there how to be able to use more space from my ssd 256gb and 150gb used
  14. I have just done a fresh install from windows didnt test yet if the problem is solved or not but i did notice something also, somehow without having installed nothing on my desktop except for the windows there is 150gb of data in the ssd i dont think this should be correct ..... what´s your take in it?
  15. I have just tried that now, but unfortunately it didnt work I guess now im going to try the fresh install from windows and see how does that go