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    ASUS Prime Z370-Pro
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  1. So I just acquired a GTX 1080 from a local recycling facility, not a ewaste one, a normal one you'd take cans and such to, it was a whooping 10 bucks, a good deal if i do say so, and I'd like to use it to upgrade my wife from her RX 560, I think it would be noticeable, and with her fully disabled and her now needing heart surgery this seems far more financially sensible than spending 300 bucks for something like an GTX 1650. So onto the problem, the card works, i can use it for about 10 minutes before it overheats and shuts off, I've taken it apart and cleaned it extensively, and when i did i
  2. Well I don't play cyberpunk, I'm playing WoW Classic, Company of Heroes 1, Counter Strike Source, Cities Skylines, and Civilization VI I do have AC Origins, Far cry 5 New Dawn, and Fallout4 on my soon list though
  3. Yes I did, I set it to stock clocks from the sapphire oc it had, it still artifacted
  4. In my area I'm seeing gtx 1070s for about $450 and 1080s around 550, so the 1080ti seemed like a bargin It's a founders edition
  5. To add I didn't have the option to wait, the Rx 470 started artifacting
  6. Given what gpu prices are and the fact I don't want to lease to own a gpu I bought a used 1080Ti that know wasn't mined on for $550, What should I expect going forward. Ryzen 5 3600 Asrock steel legend B450 16gb ddr4 16-18-18 600w evga psu I use an AOC 1920x1200 60hz display, comming from an RX470 4gb
  7. Looking for good options without spending money, what ive got is this Pentium E2160 6gb DDR2 533 (2x1gb 2x2gb) 128gb SSD 4TB Drive for file storage Reason for this project is to get my movies and music off of my main computer and onto another box so if i need to reboot or do something i can without worrying if someone is connected and watching a movie or listening to music. I was eye balling freeNAS but it wants beefier specs. I do not intend to have this outside facing, I'm going to block it at the router from talking to the internet, its just for inter
  8. My buddy pinged me and directed me towards the reevan justice, review on tweaktown looks good.
  9. Yes the nhd15 is way out of budget, max is 45us
  10. For a buddies Optiplex 7010 I drilled out the HDD cage rivets, used my bi metal 120mm hole saw to cut open a fan hole and then used some silicone caulk to attach a fan to the front, it helped a lot.
  11. Got into a situation currently using an i7 870 but long term is to replace my ryzen 7 1700x that died thanks to kiddos. The current cooler throttles at anything over stock, it's a coolermaster hyper t2. I'd normally just buy a hyper 212 but surely in that price range their is better by now. My goal is to push the CPU to 4.2 where the previous owner had it so it won't bottleneck the r9 390 I'm using, at stock speeds though it has trouble in basic games like star trek online, likely because even turbo triggers throttling. Case is an nzxt switch 810.
  12. Explain cheat happens then, there trainers cost money and they only work on the single player portion of the games. I guess the money they make doesn't exist?