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  1. Im curious to find out when the 3000 series cards are going to come out as im looking to upgrade my 1080. thanks
  2. I currently have a 9900ks and a 1080. I’m thinking about doing dual 1080’s. I’m just wondering how practical it is and if sli will be supported in the games I play. games I play: rust fh4 modern warfare csgo I mainly play rust
  3. I got everything working. My old SSD magically came back to life and I was able to get the windows iso onto a drive and install it. Thank you for all of your help.
  4. I downloaded the iso today and it’s version 1909 and it’s still not working
  5. whats the step by step process of extracting the drivers? also what is the .zip file you linked?
  6. I tried moving the stick to the back and same error. By beginning of the installation do you mean like where you press the button that says install?
  7. i tried that method and it got to the install windows part and then it said "a media driver your computer needs is missing"
  8. I just downloaded the windows 10 x64 iso from their website then put this line of code in which transferred all of the windows 10 stuff from the download to my flash drive which was formatted as an exfat drive.
  9. I installed it using a Mac and following a YouTube tutorial. The stick is a SanDisk cruzer 16gb
  10. I have gotten an new SSD and I’m trying to get windows on it. I have windows on my little flash drive and when I try and press f8 it just gives me errors. The errors are, MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION and WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. What is wrong?
  11. Ok. I’m honestly not to worried about that SSD. But now my question is how will I get my windows on a new drive? Is my windows 10 key attached to my Microsoft account?
  12. Honestly I may have been copying them. I know that after they have been copied or moved to the hdd I would delete them off the ssd. Also how would that kill an ssd?