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  1. Would need it to somehow work wirelessly if possible.
  2. Hey we’re trying to sync two TVs in our office to show the same thing at once. This can be with a chrome cast or anything just wondering how we’d do it.
  3. Just have everything maxed showdowns down. 1440p
  4. Alright just stressed out just made this computer lol thanks guys!
  5. I'm playing player unknown and my you keeps jumping to 100% and getting to about 72 degrees Celsius. Is this normal?
  6. I'm not sure about v sync I don't have the monitor yet but I've got a higher refresh rate monitor that I haven't checked but I will tomorrow its only been games in steam I play league of legends with 200+ fps and I don't think so thanks for the help!
  7. I've got a 1080 ti and the max caps I'm getting in steam games is 60. I'm getting the ASUS Monitor with 165hz and I'm wondering if this FPS cap is going to effect that and not make it perform as well as it should. If so how I can turn it off? Thanks!
  8. I reset my CMOS and everything went back to semi normal. From what I saw overclocking it wasnt worth the addes heat and stress on the CPU. Thanks!
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any experience buying used from amazon or should I just stick to new? I'm trying to order the ASUS PG279Q monitor. I was going to get it at Fry's today but they are being c*cks and won't price match to $749.99 which is pretty much the standard price besides today where it went back up to 800 everywhere besides Best Buy whos sold out. I've only ordered one used product online and it was broken so I'm not sure if I trust the "Like New" description. Has anyone ordered anything used from Amazon before if so what is your experience? Thanks!
  10. is it something I should worry about then?
  11. I saw 70 celsius I think for a second when it jumped up. Don't think it went higher than low 60s when it wasn't overclocked.
  12. So when it jumps is it actually that hot or does it think it is but it's actually not that hot?
  13. My computer was built about a week ago and the temp jumps a little. I overclocked to 5ghz and now it's jumping around like crazy. I had some help building it and the guy picked up the water cooler after originally placing it on the CPU and switched it so the nzxt logo was upright. Do I need to take it off and apply new thermal paste?
  14. I'm really new to building computers and got a little help. Managed to get it to this screen (in attachment). It only goes to this screen if I have no hard drives connected through SATA ports. I have an external hard drive that I'm trying to get windows to install through. What should I do? Sorry for the extremely noob question. Thanks for any help!