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  1. You lose 4 PCI-E lanes with 550 and thats a whole M2 slots worth, and imo 2 M2 slots is already very little. So i woulndt be okey with a b550 if i went AMD.
  2. From your link: Welp, we all know what that means. No FE cards for Europe then. I personally am still debating wheather or not to wait until 4k series, or jump on a comming 3070Ti or 20gb 3080 in stead, atm there is not really that manny games that pushes my GTX1080 at 1440p anyhow. Sadly i am locked into geforce cards cos of the monitors i use, but next gen AMD cards looks better and better if price + preformance is right and launch problems dosnt appear.
  3. Well, a new board without the horrid Chipset fan, would have been a big upgrade imo even without new features. Hell that would have promted me to buy AMD and prob update before needed time, so far the X570 fan + prices keeps me away. Not saying i would pick anything intel atm either, just that board prices are at an all time high combined with me not liking the reliabillity of a chipset fan. (back in the days they often where the weak link of your mortherboard).
  4. Here in Denmark theres no way to get a FE card besides from on Nvidias site, and we all know how that went for those trying to buy one there..
  5. Summary So they posted this a few days ago over on Guru3d, and i have not seen any major youtubers comment on it, or bring the news. In my sources i added the original source, and the link that they used. The info is originated from a danish online retailer, that are one of the more popular hardware shops in Denmark. This is why the amount ordered and requested seems a bit low. All tho considering it was this low it seems scalping at least at this store was not the major issue. Rather the low amont of RTX 3080/3090 cards they recieved from board partners was
  6. 1-2 cores , same/same. i wanted a boost 3.0 with 3-5 cores, so games could actually keep the higher clocks when ever all cores was not used. ;-)
  7. Yes i think, The Benjamins, are rigth. I think they can produce the modules seperately, so as long as a 4core CCX, works at a certain speed, they can missmatch them together left and rigth, to combine it all into the 4-8-12-16 parts we know. Theres likely some more work on putting them into the Threadrippers compared to normal Ryzens, but they also do take a price premium for those Threadrippers, so that do make sence. I bet AMD have a minimum they have to sell each 4ghz capable 4core CCX module for to make a buck, and the same for each 3,6 or 3,8 capable module. this way they can minimi
  8. The R7 and R5 and R3 are same socket, not sure what your referring too. If you referr to threadripper, i dont think those chips are being devoted to normal Ryzens, unless they are litterly 2 glued togehter R7 chips as Intel claims.
  9. Anything that dosnt quallify for 8 stable cores at 3,25ghz full core boost + XFR (R7 1700) with 1 core stable at 3,7, is highest likely being devoted to R5/R3 series chips, since they can find the weak cores, and simply disable those that lack stabillity over a certain clockspeed. So if 1 core isnt stable over 3ghz, they will just lock the core + the worst 2nd one, and then make it a R5 1600/1600x, depending on stable speed on the rest of the cores.
  10. Or simply golden binned chips. Unlike most recommending 1700 (non x)advices, due to techchannels calling them 100% identical, I still belive theres a big binning proccess, it migth be same chip with all the ryzens, but its differently not same 4+Ghz % betwean them, hell my 1700, struggles to get stable above 3,8 at any voltages below 1,4 and 3,9 seems impossible on air and at safe voltage below 1,425v.
  11. Cept P-states oc´ing is broken on most if not all bios és so far, i only heard about succes doing P-state oc using some ROG board software untility. sadly. The boards makers are still sleeping and figthing with mem compabillity and, most of them(see actually hardcore overclocking´s channel), have wrong timing auto setup, in the bios´es for a ton of ram sticks, that either prevent best possible performance, or prevent high clockspeed mem oc.
  12. Its to get the most out of the cpu´s, and to prevent noobs(read non-techies) who is using stock coolers, or horrible 10-20USD coolers , from having unstable systems that hang or take damage due to overheating from a to high turbo preset. what i personally dont understand, is why Ryzen dosnt do dynamical overclocking/boosting on more than 1 core, if it could do 1-4 or 1-6 core dynamic boosts, it would be WAY more competetive with Intels X299 platform. Since 2 or 4 cores at a turbo 2.0/3.0 speed could be more competitive in games for people who dosnt overclock.
  13. Not sure, just found it on youtube, donno who filmed it. ;-) Well it does come from AMD´s own channel, but perhabs they just uploaded it afterwards, where they could edit in it if needed. I doubt it was a (live) stream, prob just recorded to upload after edit and such.
  14. I dont think any media reviews has talked about this yet, and all slides i saw so far, only mentioned 4,0boost speed, not that they had a 4,2ghz XFR boost as well. So in this timestamp, They confirm 4,2ghz XFR clocks on Threadripper, this must mean that we are talking about golden binned chips, OR simply a new stepping with higher clock stabillity and topspeeds on the chips ?. Capsaicin Siggraph 2017, timestamp to their 4,2ghz XFR confirm.
  15. F4-3200C16D-32GVK , that part number are hynix SK based modules, and the fact they are 16gb sticks, means they are dual ranked (has mem on both sides of the stick). both things are not optimal or to some extend even bad for high-speed ram on ryzen. The other sticks you linked, the Dominator are also 99,9% sure based on Hynix modules, again not very fast for ryzen, and will give you similer behavior for ram speeds. You wanna find Samsung B die based modules to be able to hit 2933-3400mhz ranges, anything dual rank, and esp hynix or Micron based, will usually hit 2
  16. The big question here is, do you game at 100+ hz, or are you using sub 120Hz monitors ? Price to performance in content creation atm, is differently Ryzen (or used Broadwell E). Price to pref for 100+ hz gaming is I7 7700k. for anything below 100-120+ hz gaming, you will be fine with a R7 1700 or the R7 1800x if you dont like to manually overclock. I can recommend R7s stock-fan at upto around 3,6ghz, above that you want a hyper212(with am4 kitt), or a noctua/similer quality cooler to hit 3,9-4,0Ghz. For I7 7700k build, go with some
  17. They may have fixed it for the Strix boards then, but if u go read on asus ROG forums, under Aura, you see quite a bit of people with X370 Rgb able boards, with a ton of issues. Even the hero seems to have some issues with aura.
  18. Maybe you got lucky and they fixed it on the b350 strix, cos all their x370 boards and even Z270 seems to struggle with issues with aura. So you can feel pretty happy that you have not had any issues with the board you got and aura working together.
  19. Problem is, if it has ANY RGB on it, it will suck, anything asus does with RGB on their mobos atm is broken, most users has massive issues getting Aura to work with RGB ram, and the RGb on their boards randomly dies if you update your bios. i bet the b350 strix has similer issues, since it will use the same software if it has any RGB features.
  20. Well i live in Denmark so i cannot said that shops and shop systems are the same, but we have wallmart like or bestbuy like places, that ONLY sell elektronics here. I belive most Nordic countrys has an Elgiganten or similer shop, in almost every big town. Don´t UK have a chain store for pc hardware or elektronics in general ? Other whise i think your best online bet is overclockers.co.uk all tho i do hear that they can be a bit to the expensive side compared to scan or other big online e-tailers.
  21. I have the x370 prime pro, and i wont recommend it, Asus has things on their x370 that still to this day dosnt work or are buggy as hell for manny consumers, esp the RGB features are lackbuster or not working proberly. From what i have seen, the best bet on Ryzen, for B350 is prob MSI, and for X370 with RGB needs its gigabyte/aurous K5/K7, and for non RGB its Asrocks highend X370 boards, since they seem to be very good on features and oc-ability, only lacking in the RGB department.
  22. How about a massive Ryzen , mem oc guide, not just with the biggest highend chips that most of us cant afford anyhow. u could do a 2-10 mobo setup, with 3-10 sets of mem, 2*8gb with Samsung B die + Hynix dies, + Micron Dies, hell u can make a whole series of this if its to much for 1 video. go into details with settings needed for ram setups on the different chips/vendor sticks, and show tests, and difference in preformance, this way you guide people into if its worth spending extra on the super expensive samung b die stuff. + If its smart to run 2*8gb vs 4*8gb vs 2*16gb
  23. If you cant build your own, your best bet is a cheaper end synology or Qnap atom based models combined with the TB model nas hdd drives that you need. that should be posible for around 1000USD unless US nas and hdd prices are higher than in the Nordics, and i highly doubt that.
  24. No it shouldn't. Since their win10 licences follows the motherboard they are installed on. And no longer are swappable, at least to my knowledge. You can try, but dont expect it to work without a new license key.
  25. Just remember that Windows 10 licences follows the motherboard now, swapping the hdd/(ssd) over wont work on new hardware if it was a registered win10 copy.