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  1. I really didn't make that a smooth reference though seeing as how I have constant diarrhea.
  2. I am thinking of getting a 2 TB Seagate drive form amazon as my storage drive and using this oldie but goodie Kingston as a boot drive and putting this drive as storage for my bro who I am starting to build a computer for. I am also considering trying to put this ram back to thee proper speeds by playing with A-XMP. Thanks for the response mate. Don't appreciate the sexual harassment tho
  3. You can;t edit and game well with a 500 dollar computer unfortunately, but you seem to have a good build set up. You might want to consider waiting for hte next generation of low end CPU's to see if Intel will release anything better, because 2 cores is really pushing it.
  4. You have a decent processor which limits you to GPU constraints, keep in mind that literally every system has a bottleneck because it is a group of components, the difference is how high that bottleneck is. But that is a good system that you should be able to keep for a fairly long time with a GPU upgrade down the road.
  5. I would rebuild it because your CPU is such an old one. Ryzen is a good choice, so if you can wait until Ryzen + is released you can get a cheap but much better Ryzen 3 or even 5 that has the performance of a more expensive chip from Intel. You can also get better DDR4 ram which will help if anything. However, your card will work fine if you choose to upgrade. So really it depends on how much performance you are willing to sacrifice, but you will see a huge jump in your GPU. (EDIT: regardless of any change in the rest of the system).
  6. I have a decent amount of experience with computers, including building them. I am certainly not the cleanest with building, maintaining, or even using them. My problem has been that since about the 8th of this month, when I built this, my computer has been freezing up randomly during normal tasks and especially while playing games like Total War. I chalked this off to undeveloped bios for my new B350 mobo because this is a new computer. I updated to the September bios and still, I was freezing all the time. Then I went to stock speeds for my CPU, and again it kept freezing. I even turned off
  7. For a non K i7 I would maybe buy a Hyper 212 Evo (or x) but seeing as how they are hard to mount I would suggest a Noctua NH-U12S even if it is more expensive. Easy to install, you will never have to worry about heating, and you can use it with later systems.
  8. Stock Intel coolers are not ryzen quality, they are barely usable.
  9. Spend the extra 20 dollars and get the better stock speeds plus the ability too. I started overclocking this year and I have been using computers for gaming for about 12 or 11. There will come a time when you will want to OC and when you do and you can't, you will be very saderooni.
  10. Modern boards are typically made for big ass cards like that, you are fine.
  11. That is not the problem, the problem was me not realising to get a better mobo. I have been troubleshooting and resurrecting old pc's for over 10 years. What I get for having IT relatives that convince me to get cheapo products like that.
  12. You got a Gigabyte mobo, I have one and two were broken on arrival. Sorry mate, spend the monehs for a better one.
  13. That is much higher than I would like, what about corsair PSUs? EDIT: Nvm corsair are like 5 dollars cheaper. Thanks mate.
  14. I had a bios corruption twice on my old mobo, and so I went to the configurations in the bios and had to switch it back to register legacy drives. I don't know how I did it. lel
  15. I would recommend keeping track of your warranties with the products themselves. I also would focus on optimization if you wanted to cut costs, I could see you saving about $500 off the bat. But that is because I am used to being on a tight budget. Congrats! My brudah just graduated too so it is an exciting time.
  16. I am, if you saw my earlier post, building a new computer. As always I turn to this glorious site created by our lord and savior Gaben and his disciple Linus+team, and I hope to find someone to help me with this. My planned build: Case = Coolermaster HAF 912 (mid tower atx, size psu is not issue) Mobo = MSI B350 Tomahawk with Ryzen 5 1600 planned oc to 3.8-4.0 ghz at 1.4v Graphics Card = RX 480 8gb by XFZ (iirc) 512gb SSD (sata 3 by Manushin) I am looking for something that is semi-modular (or full ofc) and from a reputable brand that is 80+ rated, bronz
  17. will there be that little of a performance boost? My shift key is sticking up rip.
  18. My current build: FX 6300 at 3.8 GHZ light OC (I origanlly did 4.0 ghz with stock cooler but my shitty PSU died browsing the web so I got my old one much reliabru and got paranoid) 16 gb DDR3 HyperX Fury 1866 mhz Shittabyte 970 DS3 sometin sometin RX 480 8gb 512 gb offbrand SSD I forgot So. I need help deciding if I should save up for a Ryzen 5 and Corsair Vengeance ramor just get a different AM3+ processor. I will be playing Total War games, Skyrim, etc. I don't make videos often, so that isn't an issue. I do have some problems running games like Sk