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  1. Not installing kali as main os was using it as a virtual machine on oracle.
  2. So I was installing Kali on my system on oracle and it said it needed virtualization turned on. I went into bios and enabled svm (Mother board is asus prime b450-A). I had already enabled d.o.c.p before installing kali. the system ran fine at 3200Mhz profile 1 however it failed to boot after I changed the svm. I disabled svm but the system still crashed. Restoring to defaults i found out that d.o.c.p is now causing the system to fail boot. Disabling it makes it work fine but its sad to see my 3200Mhz ram running at 2666Mhz. Any idea on how i can fix it? Everything is default the only thi
  3. Bought a new hdmi cable just now to check ot out... everything is running except the ram... Either its the ram or the mobo is faulty....
  4. Tbh honest im using a hdmi to vga convertor.... But that thing is fine as it was working with my previous system that i sold yesterday
  5. Tbh honest im using a hdmi to vga convertor.... But that thing is fine as it was working with my previous system that i sold yesterday
  6. Will be tough the friend near me has a really old pc that doesn't support ddr4...the ram is new just fresh out of the box... And yea im using the hdmi cable..
  7. Yea vega 64 needed 2-8pin connectors i connected those in and the other separate 4+2 one in the mobo
  8. One more thing... It doesn't beep when i have no ram plugged in as well
  9. Hey. Before starting i just wanna apologize for my bad English . So i just put this build together... This is the first system that i have built btw. R5 3600 Asus prime B450M-A motherboard(3000 series compatible) 3200Mhz xpg 16Gb spectrix D41 ram 120,Gb lexar sata m.2 8Gb power cooler Radeon Vega 64 650W psu by thunder 80+bronze( i know its kind of unknown brand but the psu is quite common where i live) 1Tb WD HDD Now i have connected everything properly and the system turns on...the fans spun the gpu is working hower it does not post and neit
  10. no i mean it combines them into a single one that doesnt help plus increases the work dopwn the line
  11. Hi! before go on i apologize for my bad English and i thought that you should know that I'm a noob in blender XD. So I've been trying to model a character with its upper and lower torso separate. However they wont bridge together for some reason blender keeps saying select two edge loops. The other way that i found out was to make them a single object by ctrl+j then bridging them. However since I'm using a mirror modifier it splits the upper body if its selected first and splits the lower one if that one is selected first messing up the topology.Both sides that need to be merged hav
  12. Customs here r kinda shitty...they take days to release the product+ sometimes they even misplace them on purpose. as for the system build wont the Xeon 1245 bottleneck with the 580? i mean this mobo is pretty old and slows down the Rx560 sometimes
  13. my main reason for going with the 7700 system was that i might be able to use UE4 easily... the ryzen r5 2600 here costs like half the price for which im getting the whole system of 7700... the issue with where i live is that the parts here get taxed heavily when imported... like 1.5-2 times as much... i might be able to find a ryzen 2600 system but it will be more expensive from the 7700 one....