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    cars, computers, gaming,
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    Love doing things with my hands. Auto Mechanic since the early 90's, Computer building/programming since 2001. Beauty School Graduate 2015
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    Work From Home, Haircuts, computer repair/building and, Auto Mechanics..


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    Asus TUF x570 Plus Wifi
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    16GB DDR4 4000@4200MHz (Patriot Viper Steel)
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    ASUS RTX 2060 Super
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    Thermalkate Core P3 Red
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    1TB Patriot Viper Gaming VP4100
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    EVGA 850W
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    50in 4k Visio Smartcast
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    thermaltake AIO
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    Basic Keyboard
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. When It comes to computer components, you get what you pay for.
  2. I truly wanted the AMD card to be good. I had wanted everything to be at 7nm in my chassis. Last thing I wanted is to return the card. I really wanted the AMD card to work great. Just not stupid enough to buy the same thing and expect different results. On a better note, My 3600x is great. I just wish AMD would put out a better , stable card in which the drivers work proper. I love this RTX 2060 Super. Not sure if the RT thing improves how games look enough to justify a performance hit. Tried Shadow of the Tomb Raider with DLSS on and It really isnt all that special. At least the card is stabl
  3. I returned the RX 5700 XT back to XFX . After much trial and error the issues could not be resolved. Screen going black during gaming and sometimes crashing the computer. I went ahead and replaced it with an RTX 2060 Super. I have had no issues and my computer is smooth as butter. You know , now that I think of it the RX card jacked my cpu temps to running at 50° c. Now my computer is running at 28° c.
  4. Seems like no matter what settings I do its low frames especially Diablo 3 and tom clancy the division 2. CSGO gets good frames. cinebench gets like 198 to 210 fps but seems to get lower every time i run it
  5. Yes like 4 times, had so many issues just getting the driver to install right
  6. CSGO is giving me 250 FPS but i go through walls and floors and cant walk no place I ran firestrike and i'm getting a max of 65 FPS I'm running Driver 19.12.2 Diablo 3 gives me only 30 FPS
  7. Using a 50 inch vizio 4k tv and it seems like all my games get only 30 fps max and I get major stutter. Cinebench15 says I get near 200 fps. I'm confused and feel like I just wasted 0ver $400 on a bad video card. Am I missing something? Previously had an RX 590 Red Devil and I never had this issue. P3 Case Asus TUF x570 Plus Wifi 16gb DDR4 4000 running at 4266 R5 3600x with a Thermaltake AIO 256gb NVME SSD with a 1TB HDD that I run all my games off 850 watt evga psu RX 5700 XT
  8. New XFX thicc 3 has been nothing but issues for me. Installing drivers has been wonkie as hell. I'm getting a max of 80 fps. MY rx 590 seems to work better. Had audio issues using a riser cable. The entire experience has been a real pain in the azz.

    1. Demonratthing


      Did you ever get the issue of Drivers resolved or did you give up on it? I'm waiting for one to come right now and would rather know what I'm getting myself into before I boot it up the first time. Thx


  9. @Fasauceome Month two with the 3600x. Nice chip, runs great but never ever hits 4.4GHz, ever. Set to all cores 4.350MHz 1.375 volts
  10. Linux mint is really nice, Fedora as real good too. Have tried many others on VM, but I Like them two the best. My memory is 3200 but I have it set to 3400, works mint. I mean I've had intels that overclocked way higher, but these new Ryzen chips seem to have have a better feel using them. Even despite not being able to clock real high. An improvement offer my 2600x too.
  11. I am really looking forward to getting in a RX 5000 series GPU. I got my 7nm 3600x though I should have waited and gotten the 3700x. Having a 7nm gpu to go with it would be great. I'm just the kind of person that takes weeks or even months to decide on something and follow through with buying it. Ray tracing to me is still in its infancy, Still needs work. @MeatFeastMan
  12. Wow, that's quite a temperature Drop. To bad it isn't available yet. It would be a nice upgrade to my RX 590 @Zando Bob
  13. The RTX 2070 Super just Barely bested the RTX 2060 Super @ivan134
  14. Turing has been around for a year now. 5k series AMD cards are a month old and have absolutely no time to mature yet. I have all AMD Product and I still wouldn't buy the new AMD Cards. At least not until custom graphics cards start showing up. Also Super is just a tweaked RTX 20 series. @Zando Bob