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  1. Thank you so much for breaking this down! So for a wireless AP mode, this would be less than ideal, in terms of routing the internet traffic to my devices connected to that router?
  2. To get right into it, I'm trying to understand the difference between Access Point and Wireless Router when it comes to my personal room. For the scenario, my Netgear Modem is my ISP, however, I also have an ASUS Wireless Router. There are multiple options when it comes to setup, but after some research I narrowed it down to either: 1 - Wireless Router or 2 - Access Point. A quick google search tells me the differences, but I'm looking for something more complicated here. If I set the ASUS Wireless Router as a Wireless Router, am I creating another 'LAN' Network for my connected devices i.e. P
  3. Is something like this correct? green is outlet > inlet Red is inlet > outlet
  4. Thanks Tikkee! Yes, I’ve been watching LTT and Jayz but I wasn’t referring to thermals or loop order I general. I’m thinking of how to get the side radiator into the in on the pump combo, as theres only one out on it. But your right, I might go Pump > GPU > CPU > side rad > reservoir or pump. If i went Pump > gpu > cpu > Side radiator > Pump inlet, how could I incorporate the bottom radiator then? I’m not sure if I will be able to be flexible here, as the position of the 360mm and the radiator are quite on opposites i.e vertical horizontal. Usually, I see this case with
  5. I see what you mean. So it doesn’t necessarily need to go Pump > side radiator > other components is that correct? When putting the side radiator into perspective, I’m finding it hard on which direction and which component it goes to
  6. Title as suggested. I’m having a hard time understanding where to begin. I understand that the Pump combo has an inlet on the right side, and an outlet on the left, with the right side face and rear and top also an inlet. Then, the cpu block has inlet right side, outlet left side. GPU, inlet left side/ outlet right side. Now, this is easy, but where I can get confused is the 280mm radiator. How do I connect that to both the Pump combo AND and the rest of the components? I thought I might save over 700$ for a new GPU and just watercool my existing setup (upgrading soon to AMD CPU 5000
  7. I could do that. Stills havent opened anything yet.
  8. I guess it’s impossible with VRM clearance and CPU/fan header access.
  9. In the video, Ali shows a full AIO with fans fitting.
  10. Hi. Looking to get clarification on whether the 011 Lian Li Dynamic Mini supports a 360 AIO at the top with an ATX configuration. Lian Li themselves report that some users have done it but haven't been able to find a physical example. Website claims a 25mm clearance between a full ATX mobo and space available on top. Ali from OptimumTech at the 3:40 minute mark mentions it can 'physically' fit with wiggle room. No idea if it actually fits or could run into clearance issues. Reason for the 011 Dynamic Mini was to try out my first Custom Loop for the
  11. Hey Berenost. First time I see someone using an actual block for the 5700xt. How did you find mounting and positioning for the XFX THICC III in terms of compatibility? Did you find any issues I should be aware of? Also, those temps sound good, but my monitor is 1440p, and I don't tend to play at 4k so temps in theory should be a little lower for me. Full custom loop will only be for the GPU itself using EK gear with either a 360 or 240/280 mm depending on the configuration in my Lian Li 011 dynamic mini. Thanks for the input. The water block I was looking at is the alpha cool one. I suppose bo
  12. Right now no other GPU to fall back on during this pandemic and short supply. Hesistant to grind etc if I miss and hit the pcb or something important, no choice but to wait it out for months for another GPU. Unfortunately my desktop is also my work station so can't risk it lol
  13. This was the only video I could get of a 5700xt THICC III watercooled. Do keep in mind the actual waterblock is some sort of cheap chinese brand Byksi or you can get it from Aliexpress. Mines ordered from aquatuning / alphacool. 7:10 mark
  14. Backplate can be removed but only for watercooling as far as I know. IF i remove the plastic parts the back plate can be reinstalled with the waterblock as the new mounting points. Also, what decorations are you talking about?