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  1. Found them on <AliExpress> if you are a super noob you might want to practice a couple of times before soldering onto your card as sop8 isn't exactly the best thing to learn to solder on
  2. You haven't given us much to go on to help you out but I would say you need to break the problem down and de-bug it 1st is your app working? Could you display the values you are sending over Bluetooth on screen and some kind of status indicators to confirm you are connected? 2nd is your car working? You could use some LEDS or an OLED on spare pins to display some information, or send some information back over Bluetooth to be displayed in your phone app? The first step to fixing a problem will always be finding it.
  3. also to make it work for all of them try if(mant == true && (s1 == true || s2 == true || s3 == true)) {
  4. if(mant == true && s1 == true) { digitalWrite (buzz, HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite (buzz, LOW); delay(100); digitalWrite (buzz, HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite (buzz, LOW); delay(100); digitalWrite (buzz, HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite (buzz, LOW); delay(100); digitalWrite(led, HIGH); delay(500); digitalWrite(led, LOW); delay(500); } else if(mant == true) { digitalWrite(led, HIGH); delay(500); digitalWrite(led, LOW); delay(500); } just swapping the two a
  5. USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is the protocol that would allow your power bank to deliver a 20v charge voltage to your laptop. It's an open standard so in theory you could make your own client side port to charge your laptop from but it would be a seriously in depth project
  6. Firstly welcome to the hobby! So I'll do my best to give you some help on each part you have chosen. Frame - as others have said 3D printed frames will break easily but I say if you want to do it then go for it. I do think though that the mavic clone style might make your build a lot more complicated than it needs to be, something more of This Style will be much easier to build out and get in the air. If portability is really of a big concern for you then perhaps look into the 3" class of quads Motors - The ones you have chosen have a standard size and K
  7. So after a quick google I have seen a couple different photos of the drone, some of them show 3 wires coming from the camera underneath some of them don't, I yours has the 3 wires you might be able to pull a video feed from the yellow wire but without ever having had one apart I'm definitely not going to tell you it's a good idea. This AIO would work fine from your 1s battery you would just have to connect red to red and black to black then find a way to mount it, then If your phone has OTG support This receiver would let you watch the video on your phone. However DJI t
  8. @Judd Could you copy paste the terminal so we can see exactly what's going on?
  9. I think that might be your problem, in the guide it says in section 2 Although you would think chromium would work with Google two part I would try running step two again being sure to follow the part at the end where you install luakit and make it your default browser carefully Actually having just read you post again it's more likely, Don't put spaces in the password just type the 16 characters, the spaces are there to make it easy to read
  10. 3 days in and the quads still alive charging batteries has been a pain so I haven't flown as much as I would like but have managed to fly every day so far and flew the most beautiful beach today without ditching into the sea or filling my motors with sand.
  11. I'm going on a road trip! Me and the Mrs are taking a campervan out into the country for a week and while it's not going to be an fpv trip I am taking my gear and it's my full intention to fly every day. So the question is how many days before I break something I can't repair on the road?
  12. If you are looking at tearing the phone down then buying a new known working logic board and swapping it in would be infinitely easier than swapping the flash chip
  13. Looks like bottom right to me but it's hard to read the silk screen from that photo