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  1. I updated to win11 yesterday and the pc ran fine for the day. Today I installed some mobo utility software (Rgb fusion 2, app center etc) the pc was running fine I was watching a YouTube video and then suddenly there was a loud sound from the speakers, my mouse froze and after 2secs my display was gone I had to press the reset button on my case. When it restarted thee same thing happened 20-30s after booting into windows. It kept happening like 3-4times so I tried going to recovery options quickly after booting Cuz I knew it would crash again. But when I clicked restart from recovery opti
  2. Looks like it was a bad CPU. I changed everything except the cpu and got the error. So then I decided to try another cpu. And the problem is gone. Looks like this specific model is causing the same issues for a lot of people on the internet.
  3. Yeah it crashed again. But only when I tried to run Valorant and watchdogs 2. I can browse the internet, run superposition benchmark, play music, etc. I am currently trying out an nvidia driver from march 19 to see if compatibility has anything to do with it.
  4. I did and uninstalled Realtek doesn't seem to do anything. I even uninstalled and reinstalled nvidia driver. nothing. Could the problem be in the mobo? It's completely new though. I can't find any solution. Last night I ran some GPU benchmarks to see if there was a problem with the display drivers. Test ran fine without crashes, but games still keep crashing.
  5. So I took out one stick 8gb, still crashed. So i swapped them. And currently testing. Btw, I have a feeling it's not the ram...because I did run some RAM tests using the built in ram tester
  6. I upgraded my CPU from a 7600k to an R5 3600 yesterday. Only upgraded the CPU+mobo, nothing else. And since I was having some problems before, I thought it was better to reinstall windows at the same time. So, I did it. But now I am having BSOD errors continuously. I did not OC anything. At first, I thought my RAM was unstable seeing some of the googled results, so I underclocked from 2400mhz to 2133. Then I tried windows manager to update all my drivers, it says everything is up-to-date. Now, some things I noticed are, the problem never occurred when I'm just browsing my PC, it only happ
  7. Actually I had this problem with my last mouse too. One of the reason I changed my mouse was because I thought the problem is with the mouse. But now I don't think that was the issue.
  8. I don't know how to accurately explain the problem, but here it is. My mouse works perfectly when I'm doing normal work. But when I'm playing fps games, it stops working a lot. Like, when I move my mouse, the camera moves, but it is very laggy (Don't know if this is the correct word). Sometimes the problem is just noticeable. Sometimes it's extremely annoying. Other times it works fine. It's like, I'm moving my mouse, but the camera is moving and the stops moving, and then moves again, it stops for like fraction of a second, every few seconds. Sometimes the camera jumps from one pl
  9. I'm sorry for the confusion. Somehow my BIOS automatically selected the ssd as first priority as there were no other drives. Now it's running fine. I guess it's fixed
  10. I have been using a 256gb SSD as boot drive for a while along with a 1TB HDD from Toshiba. But today I decided to get another 1TB HDD to increase my storage. But when I connected everything, my pc kept giving me "No windows" error (Google It). All 3 drives are visible in BIOS. Then I pulled out the sata cables from my hard drives and my pc ran fine (except now I only have 256GB SSD storage). I checked my BIOS settings to prioritize the ssd as boot drive. But I don't see the option there. I don't know which one to choose. I'll attach a pic with all the options. There are only HDD options, but n
  11. You really think I would get better performance from 3300x than 7600k? Would it be better than 2600? How much improvement can I expect? The thing is, when a new CPU launches, they usually cost higher here in my country. So I'm not entirely sure about Ryzen 4000. But hopefully, price of the older CPUs may come down. I'm not sure which way to go.
  12. Yes I meant 3500X. Sorry about the confusion
  13. I have been using core i5 7600k clocked to 4.6Ghz for 3 years. But seeing that 4 cores are not always enough to deliver good frames, I have decided to upgrade my CPU. I was initially going to get R5 3500XT (USD152). But then I saw some posts mentioning that 3500X performs almost same as an R5 2600 (140$). And I plan to overclock any processor I get, so the little gap between them for 10$ shouldn't be a problem. I should also include that R5 3600 cost about 192$. But I don't really want to spend too much money on the CPU right now. Would I get a noticeable upgrade in games by getting a 2600? (I