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  1. a9249

    32:9 2160p?

    Does it exist yet? Is anyone working on one?
  2. Here's a strange request for anyone in the know. I have been tasked to set up monitoring stations, that take images at 10 minute intervals... in the middle of nowhere. These stations are in northern canada at the far extents of the cell network. Ideally I would like a webcam all in one solution that can automatically take an imagine and transmit. I've looked into trail or critter cams, but they appear to only be motion sensor activated. So my question is this: are there any that someone knows is capable of a time-lapse mode (take interval photo->transmit). Will be hooking up to a 12v ba
  3. I'm looking for a super-ultra-wide monitor that is essentially 2x 4k displays glued together. It will be replacing my current 2x 1080 gaming monitors on individual mounts. It MUST be mountable on an arm. don't care about refresh rate. Good colours are required [mostly used for video editing]. Do they even exist yet? When do you think we might see them?
  4. Solved: Asus tuf Ryzen, just released. Battery is lacking but everything else checks out. 1200CAD
  5. Yes, from the tower.... hence the wanting "a 65inch monitor"
  6. Like the title says, I just want a TV that has an HDMI input(s); signal goes in, signal gets displayed. Like a monitor, but you know... 65 inches. All programming runs off the tower, no need for that crappy painfully slow smart stuff. Is this a thing that even exists? ...Or am I looking exclusively at projectors now?
  7. VR makes me sick... in some games, not others. Isolated problem to pushing frames. Whats the most powerful frame monster money can buy with an AIO and some serious overclocking headroom attached? I'm taking 120 as its minimum output here. Single cards only (I've been down the SLI road before and never again).
  8. I need a good case with oodles of ports; cat 6, hdmi, lots of usb - for work equipment... but don't need the most powerful or expensive internals, I can bump up my own ram and nvme.... essentially an easy custom build if i didnt need it in laptop format... what are my options? OR i5, 1050, swappable ram and nvme slots, cat6 & hdmi, 95wh bat, - under 1500$
  9. Can't use dongles, custom software does not allow.
  10. 6 hours running full screen & IO during missions in a turbulent plane with intermittent power input, metal = scratch & impact resistant (plastic gear gets obliterated if we get neg-G turbulence, also less RF shielding). weight depends on component balance, no specific number but I have to haul ass with it so lighter is better- under 10lbs full package. Canada.
  11. ports are required for the work equipment. non-negotiable must haves.
  12. Hello, It's laptop replacement time once again as my current travel companion is literally falling apart. Requirements: Professional look, no ROG unicorn barf. Metal exterior- Can withstand united airlines. 95 w/h battery. i5 or similar 16+GB or up-gradable ram slots. Gtx1050 or similar for some lite gaming. NVME SSD. Must have: HDMI, **Sturdy** cat6 port, 2x usb3 standard ports for the work equipment it plugs into. Size and weight isnt too much of an issue, but i would prefer smaller and lighter. 15 inches, a few pounds. Performance isnt as important
  13. That's literally all I want. A giant 65 inch 4k monitor. Or a TV with a passthrough function. Refresh doesn't matter so much as latency. It's slave to the tower so all the fancy smart TV BS is not wanted. Just a few HDMI in for the pc, xbox, ps4, etc. QLED is prefered, but lowest price (if there's even an option at 65" lol) would be nice.
  14. I have an odd request, not sure how to phrase it. Not so much a techno use issue so much as a power issue. I have a set of powered clothing I used for my job, all (vest, gloves, hat) fed by USB 5v making battery packs cheap but Not strong. I love the gear as its an affordable way to keep the cold from sinking in after 8 hours in -20c. (alternative offerings from dewalt are passing the 800 dollar mark, and their batteries dont last that much longer from what I've seen). It EATS battery packs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late night snack if im doing overtime. These packs
  15. Looking to build a new media workstation//gaming rig. Wondering how small I can make it & how much it would cost in both money and performance to do it. Requirements: Ryzen 8core + AIO 2fan for OC. As much ram as you can possibly pack in there. Adobe is a pig. 1060-6 or a 1070 if mining ever cools down. NVME system + SSD Scratch. Storage is over NAS 10gb ethernet because uncompressed 4k scrubbing over nas.
  16. If I had room for a rack I'd totally grab that as a render box.....
  17. Love the idea, and have some suggestions for a down-price version: there are people out there who want high performance parts but don't wan't to buy a bunch of shit we don't necessarily need. (all those many many ports, speakers, bells and whistles...). I just don't want to pay for a bunch of ports I don't need. Just have a few HDMI and a Display port in. Many people Just don't notice anything above 60hz, so just make sure its rock solid at that. TV interpolation of images drives people crazy, so have the budget just do the 4:1 upsample. The bluetooth is a nice touch, remo
  18. Hey guys, I'm building a new system and turning the old one into a nas - meaning i probally wont need all 24gb (6x4gb) sticks currently in there. I was wondering if there exists still some PCI Ram Disks like back in the ddr2 days. I edit 4k video and while 64gb of quad system memory with threadripper will more than likely handle everything i can throw at it... (for now *looks at 8k nervously*), I'd still like to get as much use out of my old ram sticks as I can, just 'cuz. A hyper fast scratch disk would be nice. Is there anything out there for this? Also, has anyone/
  19. Its beautiful but im not paying 160 CAD for a keyboard.
  20. Currently been on a logitech ultra-x for over a decade... its dying a slow and agonizing death. its a slim "laptop-style" keyboard, and i enjoy the low profile. I HATE mechanical keys or long keystrokes; the clicking drives me nuts. Silence is golden... ductape is silver. I like how the low profile keyboard is right down there on the desk... and i doubt Im alone in this. Does anyone have some good leads on low profile keyboards that are not super expensive or part of that shitty Microsoft mouse/keyboard package? Wired please. I can't seem to find anything on ama
  21. Large amounts of H.264 encoding. Looking very likley to go threadripper. Waiting for Intel's final prices to make decision. (Adobe has a history of borking amd chips).