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  1. Yeah razer and such are mostly dumb purchases. Thank you sir for replying and helping me choose !
  2. So basically I need new gaming headphones since my old are dying and I found these JBL Quantum 100 and watched reviews and people said that it's really good for that price range of 50$, they said sound quality is not the best as expected but really good for that price and that the microphone on them is sounding really good and I heard it on some reviews. I'm gonna use them for music, movies of course but 90% of the time for PC gaming, I heard they aren't bass heavy but are really good for the low sounds like footsteps and such, tell me everything you about them beacuse anything will help. And
  3. I don't really know anything about the game, but there are a few things I remember. I remember that it was from a bird eye perspective like a strategy but it wasn't a strategy as fas as I know, you had like a group of lumberjacks and you had to cut down tress to make paths and bridges so they can cross and I think you could also get sto e to build better bridges and such but not sure, it isn't that old of a game i suppose but it surelly isn't anything newer. Sorry but thats the only thing i can remembe and I've been searching the WHOLE internet and couldn't find it because I don't remember alm
  4. For now I'm getting only one stick of 8GB so for that stick it's like 40$, but the problem is that I'm from Serbia and I don't have access to sites like EBay, Amazon, NewEgg and that.
  5. Should I just look for higher speed than and don't worry about that CL19?
  6. Should I just look for higher speed than and don't worry about that CL19?
  7. Emoji posted on accident somehow, because I've put 8 . ) just w/o the . and spaces.
  8. I am building a gaming PC for 1080p with these components : GPU : RX 580 CPU : Ryzen 5 1600 AF MOBO : Gigabyte B450M S2H And I will get a 2x8GB RAM, but 2400Mhz CL16 is like 25$ - 30$ more expensive than 2666Mhz CL19, so I wonder is it worth it giving like 60$ (Since I need 2 sticks of more for that 2400Mhz CL16 RAM since I am on a really thight budget. Will it affect performance?
  9. GPU is about 100 euros (Used) CPU is about 95-100 euros RAM 2x8GB is about 85 euros
  10. I'm looking to get them, I only need to play on medium-high 60fps at 1080p, and if I'm correct this setup is old-ish but can and will still run newer games and the one's that will realese in the future like Cyberpunk etc.
  11. I don't really have a set budget, just looked for something that can game medium-high 60fps at 1080p in 2020, I am buying a used GPU.
  12. So I just started saving that I can buy my own PC and my birthday is 2. January so thar will boost me a LOT but that's not important for yoy really, but what is important is that I found a really good build that I will be able to save up for and I nees you to confirm if it's good. My budget is limited so please dont say thing like buy this and that when it's 40$+ more expensive, I know that by saying that you wan't to help but the current situation doesn't allow even that 40$. This is the build, only GPU, CPU and RAM : GPU : AMD Radeon RX 580 Nitro + 4GB CPU : AMD
  13. We will,thanks for reply.
  14. It doesnt matter,we play Castle Crashers and then we play Far Cry 5 for example and the same thing happens on both games.