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  • Birthday Jan 18, 2005

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    rog maximus x hero
  • RAM
    4x8 g.skill trideant z
  • GPU
    gtx 1080ti rog
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    1.960pro 512gb 2.850 evo 250gb 4tb wd
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    sense 1080p monitor and Asus PG278QR
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    crosair h115i hydro
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    marvo kg919
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    logitech m705
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    windows 10

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  1. Kayan

    motherboard audio

    hi so i am powering a car subwoofer in my room and i am using my motherboard subwoofer output to power it and i heard that it can damage the motherboard if i use the subwoofer output to much and because i could be pushing it to its limits i wanted to know if that is true the setup is going from the motherboard to a boss amp that then gives the subwoofer the motherboard that i am using is a gigabyte b450m ds3h thanks for the help
  2. i want to change my k95 platinum keycaps and i really like the ninja keycaps and i wanted to ask if there is ninja keycaps that are backlit
  3. Kayan


    i want to start mining bitcoin or some other currency and i have a gtx 1080ti i am not gonna be able to mine all day so like maybe 11 hours a day but i dont know what app i should use for mining and if it is okay for the gpu?
  4. Kayan

    rca cable

    so i got this rca cable but it has the same color how can i know which one is right channel audio and which one is left
  5. i recently built a new pc with a gtx 1080ti strix and today when i turned on my pc i couldnt use my gpu tried installing the drivers a lot of times and used ddu and still didnt help and in device manager its showing me the error code 43
  6. Kayan


    yeah but im afraid im gonna kill my gpu or some shit and mine is an asus rog
  7. Kayan


    hi guys im thinking about starting mining for like 2 hours a day and i have a gtx 1080ti so is it gonna effect my gpu if i am going to start mining??
  8. hi i just built a new pc and i have 2 ssds a 960 pro and a 850evo and my pc windows isnt recognizing the 850 evo i can see it in my bios but not in windows
  9. I managed to boot it one of the ram wasent seated good but thanks
  10. Didnt work still same error
  11. Ok thanks im going to try that now
  12. I just built my new pc with an asus rog maximus x hero gaming motherboard gtx 1080ti i7 8700k and g.skill ddr4 3000mhz and when im trying to boot all the lights turn on fans evrything but the memory dosent light up and the code on the mb is 53 in tge manual that means Memory initialization error. Invalid memory type or incompatible memory speed?? Plz help
  13. oh yea i totally forgot about that thanks ill see