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  1. Laptop Main Benchmark:Time Spy, Fire Strike CPU: 10875H GPU: RTX 2070 Refresh GPU Core:1.812 MHz GPU Memory:11704 Score:8829 Time Spy 18866 Fire Strike 3DMark Link:https://www.3dmark.com/spy/18843494 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/25051908 Laptop old CPU: 8750H GPU: GTX 1060 GPU Core:2.038 MHz GPU Memory:2.177 MHz Score:4409 Time Spy 11044 Fire Strike 3DMark Link:https://www.3dmark.com/spy/16718414 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/24460921
  2. igpu is faster than that card just get a cpu with igpu
  3. You need to clean and apply a non conductive thermal paste again as long as non conductive it doesnt matter it is too much
  4. try to boot into the broken port if the live usb runs it is a windows issue if you can not see it in bios too it is broken
  5. Assume that via usb driver malfunctioned than other via usb ports should have trouble as well maybe it is a windows device issue every time you plug in anything into usb windows sets it up you could go into device manager and see a lot of hidden items in there maybe that usb got set up incorrectly on that port try another device to test the port or just try a linux to see if the port works or is it damaged If you do it just use a different port to update bios prefably a usb 2 port or a port that is directly controlled by motherboard rather than a usb controller
  6. You should know that windows managed virtual ram is slower than set specific value so you should set it certain or if you have ram you could just disable it altogether it says that because it thinks that is what you need it doesnt mean that it is currently using that much and that much virtual ram is full it just allocated that much
  7. Windows 10 native drivers should handle usb 3 fine did you install any specific driver ? Can you remove and try again or you could just try linux live usb to check if the slot physically works and it is a windows issue
  8. Condensation will not be an issue since your laptop will always be way hotter only if your laptop was cooler than air then it will condense not the other way around and cooler ambient temp is better
  9. At that budget you could buy desktop replacement laptops with desktop cpu or normal laptops you get a lot of part flexibility AMD or intel? laptop https://amzn.to/3vdmgu1 https://xoticpc.com/collections/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks/products/asus-rog-scar-17-g733qs-xs98q desktop replacement https://xoticpc.com/collections/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks/products/xotic-g170km-g-x170km-g#product_info_customize_block?conf=353218 customization code 353218
  10. Oh man you returned it but you should know at that thin size no laptop can cool those specs Msi specially lets the cpu boost at higher power my 10875H is also a 45W TDP cpu but it uses more than 100Watt on load and performs much better than other intel cpus yes it runs hot but if was limited it would run very poor Some laptops run cooler because they just throttle so they offer less performance while the user think it runs better it running hot was very normal
  11. Budget and screen size is very important factors you need to specify those
  12. Nobody answered this but the best thing is to get a sager clevo like computer since they offer best price performance You have msi right now and 1500 USD will get you at best RTX2070 and 10875H on msi I assume you want 15" laptop since your is 15" right now I have found this that offer great gpu but overbudget although with 3070 i would opt for thishttps://xoticpc.com/collections/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks/products/sager-np8752r-clevo-pc50dr?conf=353201 When asking for recommendations on laptops you need to specify size first and performance need on top of the
  13. Sometimes some businesses will want address verification which i thing is basically stupid i had that before and it is terrible experience I am sad that your order didn't go through they lost your business And you contacting them 50 times and them not caring is also bad service on their side
  14. He answered it already it looks like already sold the amount they will get. You could order and get it later if it is open to order but i wouldn't since i have seen couple peoples laptop order get cancelled before Hidevolution is good it is not a scam or anything i have bought from them before You could always clean install windows yourself simply by using windows iso and program called rufus and install latest drivers it will be better than them doing it.
  15. Hey, I finally did what I had to do for a long time and bought thermal pads for my M.2 SSD while at it I wanted to replace all too. On my old GE72VR 6RF under M.2 there was thermal gum-ish something and my ssd performed fine. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6347672 So i said maybe this is temp related. Bought 3mm thermal pad for the SSD and bought 1mm and .5mm for vrm and stuff because i was lazy to disassemble and check. I saw the thermal pads under the cooler like this(I have never looked under the cooler so it's not me). And some of the pads