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  1. thanks man, the 1050 as well as the slightly better ti version dosnt use exta power, both work off the mobo
  2. I will make sure to report back if it worked. have a good day
  3. Thanks man... I guess i have no choice but to go ahead and purchase it... ill take the little risk
  4. Hello Matt_98, thank you for your interruction, but according to nvidia website , both cards draw 75 watt (maybe maximum). Also i saw 2 videos on youtube where the ti was used on 2 pre-built oem pcs with 250 watt and the card worked stable for a month without issues (they reported)
  5. Thank you so much for answering, Glennieboyyy007. Excuse me, i have to ask again, are you sure 100% it will fit? Im very cautious about it because as i said in my original post, if it doesnt fit it will be a waste of money One last question please, is it worth paying extra 50 dollars for the TI version? Thank you very much sir, this forum is better than tomshardware, i posted my question there and i got ignored...
  6. The card specs https://www.asus.com/uk/Graphics-Cards/PH-GTX1050-2G/specifications/
  7. I need your help sir, I want to buy a Dell vostro 3650 model (Mt version) because I found it pretty cheap... PSU is 240 W , I3 6100 and 8gb ram. Since I'm planning to game on this machine (entry level gaming), I'll purchase a GTX 1050 . The card that is available in my country is the Asus Phoenix. What I'm so worried about, will it fit inside the case? It costs 150 dollars and if I happen to purchase it , there is no turning back, I mean the online market in question doesn't have return policy unless the card is faulty. I hope that I get a definitive conviction through your answer. Please hel