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  1. Thanks! But I managed to do it through Disk Manager, I deleted the volume and the option to create a new one popped up.
  2. Would you please provide me the exact steps to do that? I am not so familiar with commands and all that
  3. How? My OS is in spanish, but basically there is no option to create a partition.
  4. What's the best or more reliable program to partitioning USB drives? Since Windows 10 does not allow to do so through Disk Manager, according to a SanDisk forum though.
  5. Oh, okay, no problem. Thanks for all the info, I'll look for that hologram you mentioned.
  6. Okay, thanks, I'd appreciate that. Mmm, I wonder what "non-conventional ethic" means ...
  7. To me it's the same, I mean, I just want to play the campaign and maybe the multiplayer (local) eventually. I think I knew that actually, but as long as my money's mostly safe and I get my keys it's okay to me. Keys are almost infine anyway ...
  8. Is that so you can install mods no problem? I had shopped on both sites Why is it that some people avoid them so badly?
  9. Never heard of GOG, is it like Humble Bundle and G2A?
  10. Oh, well then... You said something about an EA license, how does that work? Do I just install the games and the installers will tell me if everything's legit? I haven't ever installed an original PC game, except for Steam games, so I have no clue on this.
  11. They are PC games ... I mentioned the PS3 games' case as an example, sorry if I expressed myself wrong.
  12. Mmm, I really don't know, should I ask the seller?
  13. But what about the boxes? Are there any validation stickers like the ones on some PS3 games? Maybe there are some tiny details I should look for on each game's box.
  14. Both are physical, and presumably original.
  15. Well, I just ordered two old games through an online marketplace, but now I'm wondering how to check whether they are legit copies or not. The games are Battlefield 2 Complete Collection and Far Cry (the very first). I'll appreciate all inputs, thanks in advance.