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  1. Hey! So I just bought a new Seagate Exos X16 (ST14000NM001G) and I am not very happy with it. I am coming from a Barracuda 6 TB drive (ST6000DM003). The problem I have is, that the X16 is way louder than my Barracuda. On startup both make their kinda strange noises, but in use the X16 clicks very often. It isn't the "parking" of the head while idling, as this sounds to be typical. Can someone with a X16 drive clarify if this is normal? I mean it sounds kinda scratchy sometimes, but that can be imagination, but the clicking is really annoying. Thanks!
  2. You don't have to reinstall it. It will recognize windows and boot from it (if not just set it in the BIOS)
  3. If you just want to write your notes on it. Maybe look at a 2nd gen surface laptop (I know it is only 13 inch) but it has a really nice keyboard. If you want to game on it too, the Asus Vivobook K571GT-EB76 is a Bang for your buck at Amazon right now. If you only want battery life the DEll Latitude 14 7400 has with more than 13 hours and is the best on the market (an i5 version with 16gb is under $1000)
  4. In their newest video about the Pro Display XDR Linus mansions, that, on Windows, you only can have 4k resolution. I think he used a thunderbolt add in card and hooked that up to the monitor. Most of them are quiet old or just support DP v1.2, which would make sense, because the max res of 1.2 is 4k60. However in a Video made by Snassy labs the display worked with a surface laptop 3 at 6k. Which doesn't even has Thunderbolt. So I think thunderbolt isnt needed for the Pro Display XDR and you just need a DP 1.4 USB type-C connector. And isnt the virtual link port on the new RT
  5. Ok thanks for your replay. He does it on Macs. I know it works there but does it also work on PC by creating a Thunderbolt network?
  6. You said you want to stream. What do you think about the thought of reusing your i5 as decoding system, use the onboard graphic and throw in a 1080p capture card and go with a cheaper CPU and mobo (price/performance = 3600). But if you want to edit stuff in the future, I would say higher core count so 3700x or 3900x (depends on your budget) and I wouldn't go with a mobo at so high price points but if you like them go for it.
  7. Hey everyone, I was just wondering a small thing about Thunderbolt 3. There are many Thunderbolt 3 Laptops out there and with an expansion card you can add Thunderbolt 3 to a Desktop. So what happens if you directly connect your Laptop to your Desktop? I thought about maybe seeing the drives, but it also can be, that nothing happens. Thanks for every awnser!
  8. Rabel

    HDMI pbp

    Thank you yeah thats what im looking for
  9. Rabel

    HDMI pbp

    Hey community, I was wondering if there is a device out there, that combines 4 HDMI intakes in one 4k HDMI out where the picture is in picture by picture mode. My Friend and I are planning on doing a Lan Party but wannting to play on a 75" 4k Samsung tv. We arent sure if the display supports pbp so we want to have a device for combining 4 HDMI ports into one. Thank 4 help
  10. i have no linux and/or MacOS so...
  11. funny, with a pc this noisy
  12. i have done that twiche
  13. why should it make a difference? if the internet wont downloading it it wont downloading