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    A small country in Southeast Asia, around 60km wide
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    I hate myself lol
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    Intel Core i9-9900K
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    MSI Z370 Gaming M5
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4-3600
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    Asus GeForce RTX 3070 TUF OC 8GB
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    Cooler Master MB530P
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    500GB WD SN750, 500GB Sandisk X400, 4TB Toshiba N300
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    Cooler Master V850 Gold V2
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    Acer Nitro VG271UP, Acer H236HL
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    Cooler Master ML360L V2
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    Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L RGB (with Double-Shot PBT HyperX Pudding Keycaps)
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    Logitech G703 Lightspeed + Corsair Glaive RGB
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    HyperX Cloud Alpha + some acer thing
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition (2018, 4K)
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    Samsung Galaxy S10+, iPhone XR
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  1. So around the start of the year my PC started shutting off on idle and I went and RMAed a couple of things, one of which was my ram. After I did so the problem eventually went away and that was all fine. However, when I went back and enabled XMP it wasn't as stable as I thought it would be, occasionally crashing and going to the screen which states that overclocking has failed. Turns out that my motherboard was tweaking the timings a little bit as I left it on Auto. Inputting the correct XMP timings made it run fine again. April rolled around and I got the BIOS update for my motherboard w
  2. I posted this question on r/buildapc and some guy just told me to get a seasonic PSU because all Cooler Master and Corsair PSUs suck. I can say by experience that the people here are wayyy more helpful than those on that subreddit.
  3. Thats where I propped mine up. I thought by back u meant...nevermind lol. The Elv8 kinda works but not to well so i might try reseating the card of shifting the position of it.
  4. Hmm I have it propped in the front with a Cooler Master ELV8 that I got for fun. Maybe ill try shifting it to the back to see if that helps. It is indeed a heavy card tho. Sidenote: i ran ddu and it didnt fix it.
  5. And no its not a sleep issue. I fiddled around with it the whole time.
  6. Yep. I had an Asus RX 5500 XT and it still happened. That was with the V1 tho. I replaced the V1 after I got my 3070.
  7. If its a motherboard issue I would rather die than buy another Z370 board. My current one is out of warranty
  8. Yep i did. There are 2 sockets in my room. Currently have a project PC with a CX650m and it doesnt do it. Forgot to mention that when leaving it in the bios it never occurs.
  9. Nope no BSOD. I caught it once and it just blacked out and rebooted itself.
  10. Power isnt an issue in where I live. Its always stable and almost never goes out.
  11. My PC has been having a strange issue where it would randomly turn off at idle. Not entirely sure why. This happened on my V850 (V1) so I RMAed it and i got a brand new V850 V2 as a replacement (sealed and everything). But 3 months in and the exact same issue happened again (eventviewer states power loss event id 41). What are the odds lol. Sidenote: this happens really randomly. I stared at the pc at idle for 20 mins and it didnt do anything. Used it for a while then left for a toilet break and it shut off. Reverted all overclocks All temps are normal and so are the vo
  12. Hey guys my just over 2 year old Toshiba P300 decided that it wanted to give up on life today. Never got any warnings beforehand other than the fact that my PC would randomly shut off without warning. RMAed my V850 V2 PSU and it went away for a while but it suddenly came back a few days ago. I read a forum post I found on the internet today that suggested it might be the HDD, which I thought shouldn't have been causing the issue since it wasn't a boot drive. But to make sure, I fired up CrystalDiskInfo and sure enough, there were a few relocated sectors. The raw value stated 000000
  13. Idk man maybe you shouldnt have accepted a motherboard that came in a sketchy packaging in the first place
  14. Didnt seem to indicate anything is wrong with the screen
  15. Thats a really interesting point. I dont think it has happened outside his house though I have yet to ask him. He has 2 power adapters though, a 130w and a 180w and neither fixes it. Would running it on battery power determine whether the issue is due to electricity?