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    Intel i7 7700k
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  1. Thank you. Yes, I think applied a lot of force. And yes, I think I will stop turning everything off from now on. I just remembered that I turn off the UPS because it makes a buzz sound that you can't hear during the day but in the silence of the night, I can't stand it I will also try to find a replacement holder. Thank you very much for the help.
  2. Oh no. Sadly I was trying to insert the battery once again and I damaged a metalic connector that makes contact with battery so there's nothing else to do. I suppose I will have to work with BIOS defaults. it is very very difficult to work with the battery with this motherboard because of the armor. In order to remove the armor it is necessary to remove the GPU, AIO, fans ... thanks @ShrimpBrimeAnd @Windows7ge for all the help.
  3. I can't find that information. But I tested the batteries with a laser and they are working fine.
  4. Didn't know that. I have the UPS connected to a smart plug and the PSU connected to the UPS, so I just turn on the smart plug and turn on the UPS when I'm going to use the desktop and that is very few hours a week. I don't have any good reason to do that. I thought it would save power. About the second part the answer is: no. The motherboard has been working fine for years. CMOS Jumper pins are right.
  5. The behavior is as if the mobo doesn't have a battery at all.
  6. Thank you. Yes I tested with a multimeter and the voltage is 3.23 volts. And I also tested with 2 different new batteries.
  7. Hello everyone, Yesterday I started my desktop (Motherboard Asus Maximus IX Code) and it shut off 2 or 3 times before post. I noticed that all BIOS settings had been lost. I supposed it was the battery and today I bought a pair of batteries, and the problem persists. What can it be? I must say that I use an UPS that I always turn off at night so if I keep the UPS on everything works fine but if I switch off the PSU or turn off the UPS all BIOS configs are lost again. What can it be? I have had this MOBO like 3 and a half years and I had to change the battery once. Pro
  8. Thanks. Would you trust this one? https://www.amazon.com/Portable-RAVPower-20000mAh-High-Capacity-Compatible/dp/B082PGS78L/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=RAVPower+PD+Pioneer+20000mAh+60W+2-Port+Power+Bank&qid=1593654021&refresh=2&sr=8-3 I have use for a few months and seems to be fine and of decent quality. It has 4.8 stars on Amazon, and it is advertised as a power bank even for laptops.
  9. Thank you. Yes, that is what I tough. My main concern is that is going to overheat the battery as sometimes happens if you use a slower charger on a phone.
  10. Thank you. In this case it would be 5 watts less than rated by Asus. Is less wattage going to damage the battery? The voltage is the same. The difference is the amperage (3A vs 3.25A).
  11. Hi everyone! I have an Asus laptop that can be charged via USB-C PD. The manual says that: and says this: I also have a power bank that I would like to use to charge the laptop just 1 or 2 times a month. Maybe less. This is the output information of said power bank: So, it can deliver 60 watts (20V 3A) and the power rating listed for the laptop is 65 watts (20V 3.25A). My question is: is that difference of 5 watts significant enough to really damage the battery? Thank you!!
  12. Hi. My PC have a i7 7700k CPU and a GTX 1660Ti GPU. Have had this PC for almost 3 years. I really don't want to change the motherboard and CPU anytime soon since it works simply fine for everything I do with my PC. I don't consider myself a gamer but from time to time I play American Truck Simulator, Cities: Skylines, DiRT Rally 1 and 2, Portal 2, Anno 1800, and Age of Empires. Also, I would like to play the next Microsoft Flight Simulator game when it comes out. I also have a 4k LG monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz and don't plan to upgrade any time soon. I was thinking on buying an RTX 208
  13. Hi everyone! I have a HP Chromebook X2 and a HP Spectre x360 laptop and I would like to know if can use any of the chargers on each device independently of the charging speed. I just don't want to damage them. Both have USB C connectors. These are the specifications for both chargers:--- means a solid line above a dashed lineChromebook charger output: 5V --- 3A, 9V --- 3A, 12V --- 3A, 15V --- 3A.Laptop charger output: 5V --- 3A, 9V --- 3A, 10V --- 5A, 12V --- 5A, 15V --- 5A, 20V --- 4.5AThank you!
  14. Hi everyone! Considering the information on the first table of this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4023496/surface-troubleshoot-connecting-to-a-second-screen Is it possible to connect an external display or projector to a Surface Pro 7 using this cable https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073H9RG9T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ? Or do I need a different adapter? Thank you!