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    rambi36 got a reaction from J.b091 in What do people hate about Apple?   
    I wouldn't hate on Apple if their user base wasn't just kids and hipsters that think that their shit on products by other companies. That being said, I used to use an iMac as my main computer(well, it was kinda my dad's computer mostly) and it was ok because back then, I didn't care too much about computers. But since I have been using windows computers a lot more frequently lately(running 8.1 on my main rig), I feel that Windows is the superior operating system with it's latest updates. All those complaints about windows pcs crashing a lot and running extremely slow are gone for the most part with windows 8 and 8.1. I  actually prefer the design of windows over mac. Mac osx is kind of boring looking to me and Yosemite does not change that for me. 
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    rambi36 got a reaction from Ubda in What should I review next?   
    HyperX Cloud IIs would be pretty cool to review also the bootcamp iMac thing is cool too
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    rambi36 got a reaction from Roll_Like_Rollo in Experiences with non-techies   
    My Computer Science teacher today:"Okay everyone it's time to take notes. If you want space you can put the keyboard on your CPU"...

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    rambi36 got a reaction from Roll_Like_Rollo in Experiences with non-techies   
    I brought my Core i3 2120 to school today and I asked random kids and teachers in school what it was. A lot of them thought it was a memory chip. Some of them said it was a hard drive, and some of them even said it was the motherboard. I facepalmed so hard it's not even funny
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    rambi36 got a reaction from Roll_Like_Rollo in Experiences with non-techies   
    My ex friend that I was talking about before(the one with the completely unbalanced computer) said that the internet was going down in our school because someone was streaming music. even my teacher(she knows a little bit about computers) said that what he said was rediculous. I laughed a lot afterwards and then my ex friend was like "how was that funny?" I stopped talking after that because I couldn't deal with his bs anymore. And FYI, other kids were on the internet without any issues.
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    rambi36 got a reaction from Chrizl1990 in What should I review next?   
    HyperX Cloud IIs would be pretty cool to review also the bootcamp iMac thing is cool too
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    rambi36 reacted to Whiskers in Galaxy S7 Thoughts   
    Come again? Since when has almost 3000mAh of battery capacity been 'very poor'?
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    rambi36 reacted to Speedbird in Quantum Break will not be coming to Steam - Windows Store Exclusive   
    What's wrong with the Windows Store? Both EA and Ubisoft now distribute their titles thorugh their own platform, but when Microsoft does it, everybody loses their minds. It's a Windows 10 exclusive anyway. I get it, you like Steam because of its features, but I'm sure MS will sooner or later make something similar to the exisiting platforms, with a social network, in-game overlay and achievements.
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    rambi36 reacted to .Ric. in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    Apple asks too much for the repair indeed, but the logic behind it is correct. A third party may as well be a malicious party, that'd potentially expose you.
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    rambi36 reacted to atrash in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    well the home button is also a fingerprint scanner.A really good one too and quite a security sensitive component if I may say so.I wouldn't trust any third party to repair/replace it if it was broken.
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    rambi36 reacted to captain cactus in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    This is caused by non-registered service people repairing TouchID sensors.
    Of course they'll brick your phone, the sensor is linked to the secure enclave of the Ax chip. You only want genuine Apple hardware and people authorized by Apple to be messing with the device that reads and store your effing fingerprint data, and not some jolly wanker with his own spare parts store. Who knows what he'll install in that device.
    If you don't want to brick your phone, let it be repaired by authorized people.
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    rambi36 reacted to ionbasa in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    I wanted to chime in here. I think a lot of people are missing the main reason behind this happening:
    Unofficial third party home button fingerprint scanners. 
    Now, since the fingerprint reader is tied directly to hardware level security and keychains (I believe), it is completely possible that an malicious home button could be sold on the market such that it performs man in the middle attacks in addition to having access to an secure hardware level realm in the CPU.
    First of all, anybody who thinks compromising security to let possible malicious fingerprint readers to be used is out of their mind. Think of it like this: A few months or years from now we find out that fingerprint data along with secure information (account, payments) were compromised because of such an issue. That would result in an situation much worse than what happened here. 
    Yes, its inconvenient that your phone becomes bricked. But in the grand scheme of things, that's better than letting an unknown device passing through fingerprint data (and possibly having that data skimmed, MIM attack, etc.)
    Its like any security feature you see in the real world, here's something analogous: Cars have smart keys nowadays that are paired to the ignition controller and ECU. Try to replace the ignition and key, and the ECU knows not to validate and start the car because its mismatched. Same goes for some ECUs on nice cars: You can't replace it because it fails to validate with all the other components in the car. Hell, even car stereos have this feature. Try swapping stereos on newer cars, and they won't work because they validate across the CAN BUS with other components like the ECU. Your power seats, seat belts, transmission, AC all use this system to some degree.
    Another analogy: There's only an handful of companies that deal with credit card readers/terminals. Would you trust an reader that was tampered with, replaced, or fixed by an unauthorized 3rd Party? If you don't trust sketchy credit card readers, how is it ok to trust an unknown fingerprint reader that authenticates with sensitive information? Seriously, someone explain this to me. I dont get it, or is it that we all bash Apple without thinking about the possible risks, the bigger picture, the impacts that could happen?
    So, is it ideal that you brick your phone? No. Is it a good thing: Probably. Could it have been done an bit more elegantly? Yes.
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    rambi36 reacted to Centurius in Windows 10 overtakes Windows 8.1 and XP.   
    Nice, while I loved 8.1 as an OS I have to say so far I've found 10 to be much more enjoyable to use once set up properly.
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    rambi36 reacted to RMarks95 in Windows 10 overtakes Windows 8.1 and XP.   
    Nice, I personally love windows 10 and have recommend most people I know to upgrade why you can free of charge, I liked 8.1 but 10 is just so much more user friendly
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    rambi36 got a reaction from PLME888 in Dumbest Tech Questions/Quotes You've Ever Heard   
    Apple products "just work"
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    rambi36 reacted to Swndlr in CS:GO is the best selling game on steam in 2015. Beats GTA V and Fallout 4.   
    Two words to all the rest of you ppl that dont play CSGO
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    rambi36 reacted to LinusTech in Linus Media Group Christmas Album   
    It started as a joke in this thread, but we wouldn't be Linus Media Group if we didn't take a joke and run waaay too far with it.

    This is the first ever Linus Tech Tips Christmas album.
    We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it, however unlikely that might be.
    Where to buy: http://linustechtips.com/main/files/category/1-music/
    **IMPORTANT NOTE** - If you are a forum contributor, your album download is FREE! Just go to the link and download it!
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    rambi36 got a reaction from eLucid in NVIDIA To Cut GeForce GTX 900 Series GPU Prices Permanently!   
    seriously though
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    rambi36 reacted to eLucid in NVIDIA To Cut GeForce GTX 900 Series GPU Prices Permanently!   
    Agreed. People should be thankful there's competition. Guess what would happen if nvidia or amd suddenly went bankrupt?
    You'd have a fucking monopoly...
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    rambi36 got a reaction from cooldogz123 in Experiences with non-techies   
    @WinNut @Jerakl
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    rambi36 reacted to GoodBytes in Developers say that the iPad Pro is being held back by the App Store   
    I have to agree. The Surface Pro line got successful because of Windows and the powerful specs (I mean considering the device form factor) which allows to run professional software.
    The Surface 1 and 2, failed miserably because of Windows RT. Despite supporting the same Windows APIs to make app development for Windows RT easy, there was no interest. The locked down environment made it look like a mobile OS, and so the apps where just not there. There is no reason to develop an app for it. If you are going to sell an app at 0.99$, then you bet on mass, large scale users buying it and make your money. As the user base of Windows RT is super slim, it doesn't push dev to put any effort in it.
    The Surface 3 (non-Pro), is doing OK, but not great, mostly due to the weak hardware specs for professional software. It doesn't help that it is not very competitively priced either, making most consumer just cash out the extra get the low end Pro and ensures themselves a perfect, smooth experience, even if they just use it for note taking.
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    rambi36 reacted to Godlygamer23 in Trump : 'I want surveillance of certain mosques'   
    Keep the thread peaceful and clean. You guys know the outcome if it's not.