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  1. One more thing: Contrarily to what many buyers say, this monitor *DOES* tilt up and down. It's in page 14 of the PDF manual: have it sit straight on your desk, secure the base with one hand and slowly but firmly push the top center of the screen, so the latter has a better angle with your eyes instead of just standing perpendicular to the table. Now, does anyone knows a good monitor calibration website?
  2. Right, I bought the Samsung S24F350F, seems so big compared to a 17'' CRT, my eyes and neck are still getting accostumed to turning around more, since the monitor it's so large Everything seems fine and no dead pixels. It has IPS (PLS) glow, but nothing serious, and you have to be in complete dark with the brightness at maximum to notice it. Watching it in person it appears to be less intense than what RelyBedGrammer posted, but that picture was made through the camera "eye", not mine. Two things that aren't the monitor's fault: 1) With a arm distance between my eyes
  3. Did you have maximum brightness on that screen, and was the camera ISO on auto?
  4. If that's in a 100% dark room, that's not that bad, I imagine that even with a room lit with just a bedside lamp (reasonably luminous) those glows are pratically gone
  5. Supposedly you notice more blacks and contrast but somewhat washed out colours in VA panels. Now there's the better AMVA+, I don't know how much better they are (every reviewer has his own eye sensibility), but I wonder if with these AMVA+ you could just pump up the color saturation or put all RGB channels to the max to compensate for the washed out colours, so you could get the best of both worlds. About the IPS glow in the 24MP59G you have, is that bad in a non-completly dark room?
  6. A 27'' CRT? Dude, that was pratically a medium size television
  7. I whish I had the 2 in front of me to help me decide about ghosting and backlight glow or bleed. Anyway it'll be a big upgrade since I'm still on a 17'' CRT
  8. Oh ok, sorry I misread the quote you made. Maybe because I'm reading and watching monitor reviews for a whole week
  9. Thank you all for the answers so far. Yes, I might try the Samsung, although since I won't buy the AMD graphic card right now, I'm afraid that when I get it, the freesync on the monitor side won't work and it will be already too late to return the monitor to the store. What VA, you mean the panel technology? But all those I mentioned are of the IPS type, including the 24MP59G Yes I know :-) Some say PLS it's even better, although only slightly
  10. Hi, I can't decide between the Samsung S24F350F, and the LG 24MP68VQ, both 24'', freesync, flicker free, PLS/IPS panel, good quality for the buck monitors. I'll use it for watching films and series, and games like FPS (but not CS:GO though), besides of the usual internet stuff. The Samsung is 35€ (39$) less expensive and seems to have better colours, but I read some reviews that in some units the freesync doesn't work, or have too much backlight glow (or was it bleeding?), or it has bad angles (bad angles in an IPS?), though I don't pretend to watch it sideways :P.