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  1. Thanks but the thing is it is available in India for about 16k on Amazon India, i.e. 275 USD about. I'll try a local retailer tomorrow but I do not think the price is gonna differ that much.
  2. Micro ATX is just so that it costs less. Also, if you need a wifi adapter, you can go for a cheap 10 USD costing usb one from tp link. IMHO go for i5 or i3 atleast so that its future proof but if its only single core performance you are after,what Megah3rtz suggested might just work too. I think linus has a video about the processor on his channel.
  3. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZqWZm8 This is what I could come up with for you. Hope it helps
  4. 1. What is the RPM of your hard drive? 2. Would you prefer an Intel or AMD for CPU? Also, ATI or nVidia for GPU?
  5. Hi Guys, New to the forum. Need an AC router with wired gigabit connections and reliable operations. Have a budget of max 6000 INR (Yes, I am from India ) or about 100 USD. Thinking about Netgear R6220, Asus AC58U, TP Link Archer c7, Asus RT-ACRH13, TENDA w1800 R and Tenda AC 15 ac 1900 (A little above my budget though). Would love the advice of someone who is knowledgeable about these. New Suggestions will be appreciated as well. Info about my setup: I use iPhone 7 and AW 17 R4 with Killer 1435 card. My flatmate has MacBook Pro 2016, Mi 5 and iPhone 6S. We also have an X