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  1. No only increase the watts that it comsumes
  2. I dont think that is true multiple people say that you can. If you go to any cryptocurrency site or reddit people post there gpu overclocking configs and they have way higher overclocks with same amount of power
  3. 650 watt and it currently runs at 400watts based off of a meter that i have pluged in so it has plenty more wattage
  4. if its not broken in anyway then i would say its a scam any laptop with an i7 and 8gb of ram will be over 100$ especially a hp omen.
  5. Win 7 still gets all secturity updates just wont get "mainstream support" and microsoft will stop supporting it in 2020 so if you already have a win 7 key or drive then just use that. If not just buy win 10
  6. I have a mining rig with 3 gtx 1070's and they dont want to over clock past 250 mem and 275 core. im using msi after burner and when i try past those it just freezes and crashes. temp never goes above 50 C.
  7. Yea but when was the last time you called or contacted microsoft (i know i have never contacted them)
  8. if it has a replaceable cable then i would try and replace that or just try and twist if a bit but if you still have a warranty i would just send it back and get a new one
  9. Win 10 and win 7 don't have much functionality differences but win 10 looks sexy and has a more intuitive ui.
  10. How are you getting a 6700k to almost 5.0 without heating issues?
  11. Delete everything until there is only one left and that is the one you want (only do this if you dont care about data on any of the disks) if you have multiple dics then just choose one it does not really matter unless ones an ssd then choose that one. Worst case scenario you have to reinstall windows again.
  12. Reinstalled Afterburner and now it works
  13. But zcash is based off clock speed so why do you crank the memory core speed will increase the sols more than memory
  14. I want to see if its something else before going into safe mode I might also try to boot linux if it doesnt work
  15. Currently trying to mine Zcash so memory clock is not a big priority for me i want the core clock to increase but when i min ETH i do crank up the mem clock and it is stable
  16. Over kill PSU 750W where without overclock it runs at 400W ( i plan to add more gpu's) Yes a brand new clean install of everything windows 10 and new drivers ect and what do you mean by uninstall display driver
  17. Claymore's For eth and EWBF's for zCash
  18. Yes and yes i thought it was the PCIE riser that was causing it but i put one in the slot and it still crashed