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    lol_POPI_PR (I do not use my PS3 soo......)
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    PC Hardware, Overclocking, Gaming, Modding
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    I like messing up with computer with phones too and smashing the hella out of things, especially Hard drives.
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    Messing with PCs and learning very few things at school


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    Ryzen 2200G
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    MSi PRO-VH plus
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    DDR4 8GB 2400mhz
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    Vega 8 1200@Mhz cuz am bad at oc'ing iGpu's
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    Xion Case
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    1TB WD blue drive
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    600W thermaltake
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    HP 2010i
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    Noctua 45mm AM4 exclusive
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    Razer mechanical-membrane
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    Amazon Choice's mouse I forgot the name
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    Windows 10 latest update

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  1. Seems fair enough tho a little bit too big than my current one. I'll check the dimensions later when I can. That case seems very good for the ones I've been seeing. Only bad thing is that the price, It's 279.99$ (I think) on B&H Photo-Video-Audio soo ye. I will search more deeper tho I think I'll get more money and build a secondary PC with ITX factor and all but with the 2400G/2200G CPU. Sorry for not answering I've been very busy lately.
  2. Oh boy Black Ops 1 I have never played in a modded match (In my many years of PS3 or my "recent" years of PC) soooo maybe is it's the least? Black Ops 2 how ever, in my Console experience I've been to a modded lobby (public matches) multiple times. (I said Console since I do not have BO2 on PC) You can use IWX4 on MW2 (I play on it). I play on this server that for some reason doesn't have admins and some modder gets in for 5 mins then goes away for next weekend. Wow 15$ each? Where is that?
  3. The motherboard maybe shorting the Power. Check that there are NO screws under the motherboard. You know what, try the motherboard without the case or External GPU just this: RAM, CPU, Motherboard and PSU. Short the power button pins together. It Should start but if not well it's the motherboard. EDIT: I meant power not signal .
  4. Hi I have been looking around for cases for my recently built computer since I've been using my old case. Now I would like to be able to use a full profile GPU (My Asus HD 7850), A WD Blue 1TB (3.5 version not the 2.5) and a ATX PSU. Heatsink is not a problem since I alredy have a low profile 65mm Heatsink which cools very well my ryzen. I would like a portabe one (Like a PS4 type of portability), since I will be traveling lately and moving my PC a lot. I would like something like this: https://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-Mini-ITX-Computer-ML08B-H/dp/B0161UXWRA/ref=sr_1_4?s=elec
  5. Yeah I wanted to make sure because I switched from Intel and it confuses me that they don't have the K. When I bought the CPU I thought that X means overclockable. But now I would get a little money back atleast. Thanks both of you for telling me about the CPU and the Raven Ridge info.
  6. I am updating the BIOS, yeah I looked on the YT channel and looks like CPU performance it's almost the exact same. Also one question, these CPUs can be overclocked right? I think yes but I want to be sure.
  7. Interesting. I didn't knew Raven Ridge was the name for the new Zen APUs
  8. The Sims. Any Sims. My mother loves to play the Sims like my sister does, and my aunt does, and how my cousins likes too. Hello Neighbor too. If you are going to download it, check the Alphas which are free.
  9. Hi! I have seen that AMD released the 2200G and the 2400G CPUs which seems great for the price ($99 for the 2200G which I think it's like the 1300X) and I have been thinking if the I should get the 2200G. I have right now the 1300X and seems to OC great with a 0.025V bump at 3.8Ghz with and cool'n quiet on (No issues). Now, I built this PC not so long ago, and I have been wanting to return the 1300X in perfect condition to Amazon and the the 2200G and get a "$20 refund" ( Since I bought the 1300X at 119.99 I think) Why I am looking at the 2200G? It has an APU, if my GPU fails (7850, Bought use
  10. Yeah it should be fine. At least get your drive out to be safe. You don't wanna download all that again that you have.
  11. What do you mean with this? (Sorry I am very noob on network stuff) The three apartments (including mine) have three Verizon boxes outside that say "Verizon FiOS supported" or "Verizon FiOS enabled".
  12. Just download the BIOS file and store it on a USB, go to the BIOS and click upgrade. Then do what it says and DO NOT turn off the PC on the process.
  13. Not really. My Heatsink broke and it was stored separately. The PSU can stay tho, like the motherboard. But fans can stay tbh.
  14. Thanks for the info. Also what kind of router I can get that is confirmed to work with FiOS? Also Cox does have pretty good speeds but for business (on a university close to the apartment I can get 800mbps down and 600mbps up). Also please someone tell me how to set up a router.