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  1. Just though it would a nice personal project, any ideas for any uses I might get out of it? Right now I only have Ryzen 1200, I know it isn't much...
  2. I am having trouble some old PC components from my build, since maybe I won't be able to find a buyer... Would building a server be possible and what kind of specs are recommended. I am a programmer so the idea was pretty interesting since I could learn a lot along the way.
  3. @Lukyp Here are some other trace routes to google´s public DNS, Bing and Facebook.
  4. Hello, thanks for the response. I´m from Latin America, so I play on the LAN Servers but I smurf on NA too, with my last ISP my ping was at about 110ms which is playable but now I´m playing on 150ms. I´ll provide other trace routes if you wish to.
  5. really?? I´ve had DNS problems in the past so I just ose Google´s public DNS. Thanks tho
  6. Here´s a trace route to riotgames´ NA server it matches my current ping. Notice the hop number 8.
  7. I use google's public DNS on my computer's IPV4 configuration. My ISP plan is 15mb down and 3mb up.My router is a tp-link TL-WR940N, and my modem is a SB6183. I'm on a wired connection.
  8. I am on a wired connection, I'm from Costa Rica and my ISP is named 'Cabletica', 15mb down and 3mb up
  9. I swithed to a new ISP, everything has been going great recently until I started getting higher pings on most of my games(60ms->180ms on rainbow6 and 110-150ms on League of Legends). I made sure to block access to all devices on my network but nothing seems to be working, I heard the ISP COULD be the problem because of their routing so how should I talk to them to solve my problem I also heard that if I ask them to resset my IP my problem should be solved but as far as I can tell my IP is static.
  10. I love networking, I´ve been studying to certify my CCNA: Routing & Switching for over 4 months now, I already finished a couple CCNP courses(CCNP:Route & CCNP: DataCenter Design) which I hope I get to certify in the future. I started this programming carrer just so I could get a easy transition into the Cisco ACI certification. Worried it takes time away from my Cisco studies tho
  11. It´s alright, just wanted to see if someone with some knowledge in programming could help me understand if the article is related to programming and not just networking.
  12. So I just started a carrer in my University (here things work different compared to USA) based on programming. As one of my first homeworks I was asked to create a summary about and article about programming. I found a article that talks about System debuggin on distributed Systems and someting else about Programming by Examples. I understand the first part of the article, BUT I feel like it´s more related to networking (mainly beacuse I´ve been studying Cisco for over a year now and I relate the information to what I know about network debuggin). Could you guys tell me if the fist part also a
  13. Feels weird when I put the TV in 720p, things look off model. Is there a reason for that
  14. I have a 720p 23 inch TV, when Im doing non gaming stuff I get different display settings 1360x768 60Hz BUT when I load into a game I get just flat 720p. It doesnt affect so much but when I alt tab the TV needs to go into 1360x768 and 720p to get back into de game. Is there a way to keep it in only 1 setting