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    Building a Plane Cowboy Land (Tx)
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    Architecture, Aerospace, Cross Country, Computers, Engineering, Track, Triathlon.
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    I'm building a plane... that's pretty cool right?
    Fittin things where they were never intended to be.
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    Ryzen 1600x
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    GA-AB350N mITX
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    16GB Corsair LPX
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    GTX 1060
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    8TB HDD, 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD
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    SFX-LG 500ish watts
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    HP w2007
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    240mm H100i (God knows how this fits in SG13B)
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    Azio Prism
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    Senheiser earbuds
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    Win 10
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  1. The shroud looks like anything from a 760ti to a Dell / ASUS OEM 1080ti. Although the ports may show that it's not a super old card, I'm still hesitant.
  2. Hook it up and use GPUZ. It detects cards which have had their drivers flashed to make them show up as other cards.
  3. Look at the graphs in LTT's 10980XE review. Ingenious. They've blurred out the product skews for the AMD launch at the top.

  4. > Laughs in United States Student. Weekly budget right now is ~$15 for foodstuffs. Rest is utilities etc. But hey! I'm debt free so far due to this, so it's working.
  5. Just passed 2 Billion F@H points (This month). Users: 1469, Points: 2016983852, WU: 42240

    1. Den-Fi


      [sciencing intensifies]

  6. Just passed 2 BILLION Points this month! Crazy! Users: 1469 Points: 2,016,983,852 WU: 42240
  7. Hey, @GOTSpectrum (ben?) and @palespartan, If y'all need any help with data collection, I *should* still have my scraper from last year. I'll run it in the background just so y'all have duplicate data - better safe than sorry. Anybody else working on it this year? I've been off the forum for a while.
  8. Although I'm quite clueless regarding this, It's quite an interesting topic. I wonder if there are any others doing similar things albeit on a smaller scale.
  9. In this case, the speaker isn't necessary due to you having a debug code. What motherboard, CPU and GPU do you have? Does it boot-cycle? Any fans ramp up or anything?
  10. Have you tried going through these steps? Some won't be applicable, but it's a good starting point. Genearlly, I'd pay careful attention to #2/13 (CPU), #4/5 (GPU), #6/7/8 (RAM) and 23.
  11. The fakes were alright (At least 300 others bought it). Besides the non-descript shroud, it looked real(ish) - like a card used in prebuilts. The product didn't end up matching the images.
  12. Buying three 1060 cards off of eBay from China... they weren't even cheap, yet they still were fakes.
  13. You have to balance between noise and thermal throttling. As long as you're alright with the temperatures and performance (It's not throttling), then you can turn the fan's RPM down. It's personal preference really. I'd try turning the fans down to a low RPM where you're fine with the noise and then check temperatures. If they're alright, then you can leave them there (although you should make sure you have a couple degrees of leeway.
  14. Rossman doesn't know CPUs - it's not his specialty. He basically does macs and macs alone. If it's not one, he's just another average joe. @AYDANN6ix9ine If you're willing to search up a pin-diagram, you may've been lucky and broken 2 ground pins (although the chance is low)
  15. Limiting the market to local will radically drop the value. There's a small market for broken CPUs (I'm assuming the two pins broken aren't ground-pins). Honestly, in a local market, I'd value it at less than $50, but this depends on your local market. On eBay, I'd value it around $80, but I'd keep up with this Ebay posting to get a better estimate - the value may be different than my estimate. These are the only broken 2700xs I could find on eBay.